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    Xabi should be DROPPED


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    After an intensive night of scanning through my pre-season and Aston Villa game recordable dvd's I have come to the conclusion that XABI ALONSO is in a downward spiral for us!

    His form has dipped severely and i'm sure all unbiased LFC fans will agree that he was poor for us in the CL Final that so easily could've been won by a better manager. Even his passing in the Villa game was p*ss poor yet RAFA still plays him game after game despite our supposed depth in central midfield!

    Being an expert in American sports as well as footy i can exclusively reveal that ANY player that dips in form like Xabi becomes what they term as "benched", meaning they sit out and get their act together before coming back into the side. While i believe there is still a place for Alonso in the squad i am INSISTING that this player be dropped until he proves himself worthy of a starting position ahead of MASCHERANO.

    Too often players like Sissoko, Agger and Kuyt have continued to play regardless of their mistakes and p*ss-poor form because tthey are Rafa's pet monkey's. Of course the FANS don't help as they quite happily watch the fat Zorro make mistake after mistake without voicing their opinion from the terraces, something I proudly used to do when i was one of the KOP elite that no longer exists at the club!

    No more b*ll$%^&, no more sub standard players getting a free ride wearing the hallowed red shirt. The bottom line is XABI ALONSO must be DROPPED...


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