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  • bob b bob b Aug 20, 2007 01:54 Flag

    2 shockers that lost us 2 points

    First- the penalty that never was
    Second the poll esque double yellow without a red for essien.
    The only positve is that this will undoubtably be the last time styles is given a game of this importance

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    • You mean Gerrard would never dive and trick the ref to get points........or would he ? Liverpool aren't a bunch of whinging cheats are they ? ...........Obviously nobody saw them at Villa Park last week then......crybaby Carragher holding his face everytime somebody brushed past him, Finnan chopping down players so they couldn't get past him with pace, Gerrard stuck to the ref like he was in a tree legged race.....Chelsea and Man Utd are title contenders......you aren't.....get over it....

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      • Liverpool are novices when it comes to the art of manipulating the referees. Would like to borrow Moronho's phrase they are "naive and pure". LOL. (Thats biggest load of crap i have heard from his regurgitating trap.)

        Chelsea and ManU have refined and mastered the art of official manipulation. Remember Anders Frisk? Mourinho ended his career with his innuendos. So we all know where Moronho is coming from. SAF turns the refs inside out with subtle and sometimes not so subtle insinuations. But when he does it, it still looks dignified (somehow like a coy old fox) Moronho reeks of arrogance and disdain. If the official is not in his favour he is incompetent even partial. When they make blunders in his favour then they are doing their job well!

        Chelsea and ManU are title contenders for sure, for the being the most manipulative clubs in the EPL! But have to hand it to Chelsea they dive like someone shot their feet from underneath them. Moronhos portugese influence i bet. Pizarro got the Reading player read carded. Malouda got the penalty. And not to forget "you touch me feet i fall" Drogba. Chelsea are Cheaters. Period.

    • i think styles needs his pipe and pension after that incompetant performance. Styles needs to retire

    • For what - you being utterly daft?


    • Styles was a disgarace.He booked Essien twice and the statements after are to cover up the farce. As far as penalties go,you get them go 4u and against u but that was a piss take,especially as the ref was 5 yards away.

    • Robert - where is the apology!!

    • 2nd Q: Fowler

      1st Q: I said "Chavs - DRAW by Cheating" I did not say who cheated, but you obviously took it as by chelski.

      I had meant that I would have said "Chavs - DReW by Cheating"

      Even when pissed I can walk all over you muppets !!

    • absolutely right

      in my disappointment i forgot about the double yellow to essien... all this communication technology and the refs can't catch such a basic error..

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      • 2 shockers as you say but now that I’ve got my murderous intent on Styles out of the system, let's look on the bright side:-

        Everton - LOST
        Scums – LOST (humiliated!! Nice one Sven)
        Goons - DRAW
        Chavs - DRAW by Cheating

        LFC - DRAW but outplayed the chavs. Only one team innit. Bookies have seen the light and slashed the odds.

        Torres’ was an awesome strike that got Terry shit-scared. I never seen someone moan so much (well apart from the girls brave enough to jump in bed with me…muhahahaha).

        Not perfect but all in all a great weekend !!

      • Contrary to popular belief, the 40 odd thousand in the ground and millions watching, Essien was NOT booked twice!

        The 4th official contacted Styles via the radio link after the incident and Styles reportedly told Sky TV that the yellow card was given to John Terry.

        Who knows what Styles was thinking when having already shown it to Terry, he waved it in the face of Essien, when Terry had long since walked away.....

    • Yep, and two seasons on from the Spurs Mendes goal at old trafford, The refs make the same mistakes and the FA and uefa have done nothing to do anything like introducing replay for KEY incidents.

      I mean after Poll, I though the Linesmen and 4th official had communications so it couldn't happen again. you was robbed, as were fulham yesterday. And I'm not a Liverpool fan. Just seems some teams get the refs help, others don't!

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      • The technology available should be used like it is in Rugby.

        If you only use it for major incidents like penalty's then the game would not be held up too much and a minute or 2's extra extra time would solve it. Most of the time lost during a game is 100% down to players rolling around acting like they have been hit with a .44 Magnum at point blank range, or moaning and chasing ref's all over the pitch.Sometimes it's a farcical as watching Wrestling.

        In my view when the incident is shown on the big screen and viewed by an official to say yes or no to a penalty/try,it adds to the excitment for the crowd,and that hs to be a good thing.