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    When do we write off MU as contenders?

    I know this is a question about Man U, but I know I'd get no serious answer on their board, so when do we write them off as possible contenders for the Prem title, or have we already reached that point?

    Taking into account the game in hand, and I know its way to early to really look at the table but, we are keeping pace with Chelsea, and Arsenal, and Man U have fallen well behind. However, eventhough we may laugh and the Mancs problems, we know they are still a good squad who will get better. They've got a couple games at home that should be wins (Spurs and Sunderland), then away to Everton, and home to Chelsea.

    The schedules for the other 3 top teams are not really what you would call tough, so I'd say they need to take maximum points from all games if they have a hope in hell of making up the distance. If they drop points on any of these, they might be looking at a UEFA cup spot at best!

    Any thoughts?

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    • Ridiculous to even suggest writing us off yet. If it was March/April, and we were 5 points behind (the most you can get clear of us as of this point in time) then I would say we have got a struggle.
      However, we have played three games, there are another 35 to go. I can remember more frustrating starts than this in years gone by.

      I think consistency is the key for your lot this season. No doubting the ability of the squad, its just whether you can sustain a high level over 38 games.

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      • i watched man u play bad and win games last season....now on the other hand i have watched them play well this season and lose....i think they r stuck in how shall i put it last season mode...they think goals r gonna come as easy s last year...they r the defending champions so they r gonna face alot of teams doin the same as city at the weekend...11 men behind the ball trying to counter attack...i think this weekend will be the test because spurs do have better talent than the teams they have played already....if they lose this weekend i will rite them of as contenders....reason bein because other teams will see they can b beaten and will see how the others teams r doin it...it will make it very difficult 4 united 2 build on any results they get this season.....BUT this is football u never really know..

    • We don't write them off dsteer, at least not yet.

      They have looked good in all of their opening games from what I've seen. They've been slick, moving the ball around well and dominating possession. It just seems the luck they've enjoyed for most of last season has deserted them.

      They were the better side against both Reading and Man City (didn't see the Pompey game), they just lacked the finishing touch - which was our curse for most of last season when we dominated games but couldn't close them off.

      This weekends game against Spurs is huge for them. If they drop more points and any of their rivals pick up maximum, they will indeed start worrying BIG TIME.

      No way will I write them off yet. They are capable of stringing a run of wins together as well as anyone. And already we are seeing the big 4 dropping more points to other teams who have spent big. I think 82 points will be enough to win the title this year.

      Beware the wounded Manc - much as I hate to say it......

    • we're three games in --- don't be silly and write anyone off yet --- there's alot more football to be played....

    • dont do a newcastle though eh? bricked it when 12 points ahead. could you see liverpool do that? it IS pyscology as someone put it

    • every EPL team starts the season with the possibility to win all 114 points (38 games x 3 points/game)

      MU is 5 points behind chelsea (i am not including LFC, since we have only played 2 games)... there are 105 points available for MU

      it's too early to write them off; but it's about the right time to start dreaming that we can have "our EPL season." so far we are competing well, something we couldn't say for a few seasons