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  • mila355 mila355 Aug 21, 2007 04:09 Flag

    Its not History

    check this out guys especially for those who bang on about how we lfc go on about history.......

    well this is is since the millenium - year 2000 onwards and it is a count of total trophies that are kept by every club with pride and honour if they win it.

    Guess who has the most????? - its not history but recent

    2 prem leaugues, 2 FA cups, 2 Charity Sheilds - Total = 6

    Man U
    4 Prem leg, 1 FA, 1 League cup, 2 Charity - Total = 8

    2 Prem leg, 2 FA, 2 League, 2 Chairty Shield - Total = 8

    1 Champ league, 1 Uefa cup, 2 FA Cup, 2 League Cup, 2 European Super Cup, 2 Charity Shield - Total = 10

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    • Well OK, if you honestly think the importance of each trophy is completely irrelevant to this ridiculous comparison you're making, then I will do as you suggest!

      If all you're focussing on is numbers, irrespective of the nature of the trophy, then by your screwed up logic you'd prefer2, or even 3 charity shields over an EPL crown? If you answer yes to that, I won't even bother arguing even further.

      Robert - a bleedin Chav - is the only one making sense to me on this thread. Think honestly and objectively about which of the trophies in the above figures you, as a proper fan, would MOST want to win. Then compare those numbers. If I do that, we are LAST of the big 4 since 2000.

      I don't give a rats about Charity Shields FFS.

    • reread my post you cretin - I said the CL winner cannot boast being the BEST TEAM IN EUROPE, not THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.

      The fact that we finished 33 points behind Chelsea and a distant fifth in the 05 EPL campaign is all the proof I need that even though we knocked them out over 90 minutes at Anfield, they were streets ahead of us as a quality team. We were lucky. Maureen knows it, Rafa knows it, and any honest, objective fan of either club knows it.

      And don't compare us to Man U or Arsenal. Maybe their fans wouldn't mind swapping an EPL title for a CL title, but that's because they have tasted EPL success recently. We havent FFS. Thats why I want it back more than anything else.....

    • Read the original post (pasted below) and see this was someone on the Manc board trying to prove how bad LFC are since 2000 on a straight up cup comparision as he said we always go on about history. Fact is even when a stupid manc picks the grounds of comparison, we still come out on top:

      whenver its a talk about LFC everyone jumps to history. However i think it would be fair to analyse the trophies won by the big four teams in the prem League from the millenium onwards - ie a count of trophies that each of the four teams (CFC, AFC, ManU, LFC) fromm year 2000 onwards

      Those trophies can only be ones that are held by the clubs in honour and dignity (so it includes Charity Sheild) and cannot be mini pre season trophies.

      The trophies are as follows:
      Premier league
      Champions league
      Fa cup
      League cup
      Uefa Cup
      European super cup
      World club championship
      Chaity sheild

      can anyone tell me who has the largest collection from 2000 onwards - so please remember its a total count of all major and honourable trophies won by each club.

      i have a feeling liverpool have the least as everyone says that they only have history


    • Not in all cases. Remember when lob-it-over-the-top gooners pipped us at the post in the league at anfield. Rare but it happens.

      5 CL trophies (especially the way we collected the 5th) is very special. We keep it for keeps!!

      I would gladly start swapping out future CLs for EPL now. But looks like we may not need to do that.....

    • if the champions leagu winner cannot boast about being the championsa of europe what r they then you muppet

      if you talk to any of the champions league winners i bet u they wouldnt swap their CL victory for league win - y do u have to make such a donkey of your self

      more like the opposite. if u ask Man U or Arsenal i am sure they will agree that they would mind dropping a few leauge titles for a few champions leauge victories as for chelsea they dont have enough league title to be able to start trading as of yet

    • But the winner of the CL cannot boast being the best team in Europe. There is no way in hell we were in 05. It was the cup elements of the competition that helped us through IMO.

      At least the winner of the EPL can boast being the best teami in the country - they've proven it with consistency over 9 months!

      Happy to agree to disagree with you.....

    • OK for starters. lets take the Charity Shields and Super Cups out of this equation. They are won on the back of 90 minutes of football (yes I know you have to qualify for the privelege etc etc - but that 'qualification' is represented by other trophies in our cabinet (eg FA Cup, UEFA Cup and CL). These 'trophies' are not worthy of the same recognition as the others mentioned on this list. I also think putting the UEFA cup in there is misleading, as none of the other 3 have contested it since 2000 - they've usually been in the CL! There fans know it - so should we!

      Now, before I am crucified for being a non LFC fan (and trust me, I AM!), we need to be realistic in our comparison of recent success against the big 3. Threads like this I think make us a laughing stock, because we haven't won the one that matters most in 18 YEARS!!!! You can dance around that fact all you want, but it is the ONLY measure of a quality team in any given year. And I'm afraid we keep coming up short here.

      I am not fooled by the numbers below, and it doesn't make me feel better about our recent success. IMO the only one that gives us any kind of REAL bragging rights over our rivals is the CL win in 2005, and only because THEY WANTED IT SO MUCH! They don't give a toss about Charity Shields Super Cups, League Cups or UEFA Cups. These are mere consolations for the big prizes that we should ONLY care about.

      Of the trophies that matter most to me, we are last of the big 4, looking at the figures below.

      Now be nice.....

    • I read this on the Manc board. Can't believe a MU fan tried to post something to prove LFC are not has good as MU, and still shot himself in the foot. What a muppet.