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    ................If Your NOT a Scouser, Your a Glory Hunter...

    Theres a few fans on here that are entitled to support their Local team..............damo, rikmac and even herpes....

    The rest......................????...some had dads that did, thats probably ok, some are exiled to foreign shores and thats ok too....

    ....BUT the obvious dweebs on here are pure glory hunters.............sheep following the crowds...WHY DO YOU DO IT.....?

    Why dont you support your local team............even if it is Mansfield or Wokingham FC..

    about 1% of the posters on here answered a previous thread, about ´´Who goes the Match´´...................how can you be loyal fans with such a big egotistical opinion, when you dont even know how to get to Anfield.....??

    DISCUSS that......................if your up to it........!!!!

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    • I'M A SCOUSER (born in me gramars bed, in the tenies in the dingle) BUT i am also hunting glory, when the mighty reds win I get wrapped up in the glory, when (like last season) we dont, I console myself with the glories of seasons gone by, "an if ya know ya histery" we got more of them than anyone else, oh oh ohh..........

    • That's right. And if you're not from Jerusalem, you're just trying to cheat your way into heaven.


    • I always find it funny listening to BITTER Evertonians.
      I mean it must be a tough life when your derby team is the most successful English team ever.

      It must suck growing up realising you aren't supporting a WINNING team, but a WHINGING one.

      I understand why you think all Liverpool fans should be from Liverpool; because no-one outside Liverpool would want to support Everton.

      Face it, football has become a global and multicultural sport, the idea that to support a team you must come from the area where the team is based is outmoded and out-dated.
      It's like saying to be British you have to be white... supporters can't help where they were born - but can follow a team and be as passionate about it as much as any scouser or anyone else.

      I'm not from Liverpool but I support my home town team AND Liverpool; I have done since i was Six, i can't help it, i won't change. Certainly not because some bitter Evertonian chose to support a crap team anyway.

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      • Growing up in Malta, I followed my local football team Hamrun Spartans and I still support them even though we're a bit like Derby or Birmingham.......1 season up 1 season down :)) but, I never changed my opinion about them and I take the season as it comes, be it good or bad. I was mesmerised hearing my older brother and his mates talking about Keegan, Clemence and the rest of the LFC team, so I started supporting them. I don't consider myself a Glory Hunter as I continued supporting them throughout all seasons.

        So far, I clocked thousands of miles, just to see my beloved team and this year on Dec15th I'm gonna be at Anfield to watch them vs Man Utd and hopefully again on the 29th of March vs the true Old Enemy.....Everton.

        I don't mind you calling foreigners Glory Hunters, it's just stick & stones as deep down I know I'm not, as I stuck with them throughout the years and I'll proudly continue to do so.

    • ..then i'm a glory hunter..my ''first'' coach in my local boys club was from Liverpool..he was brilliant..he supported Liverpool..so being the impressionable 5 year old i was i copied... that was in 1972/3..the rest as they say is history..just think Sean if he'd have been an Evertonian..........

    • This whole glory hunter thing only bothers people who arent sure whether they are or not.

      People always assume if you are a Man Utd fan then you MUST be a glory boy but it really doesnt bother me. I know I am not, and I know other people are. However the comments aren't a slight on me.

      Of course Liverpool have glory hunter fans, every top club in the country does. Probably the main reason an Everton fan can come on here and comment - they know they are clear of them.

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      • Its a good point. We all want to support a winning team, but also want to believe we are true supporters to the core. For me its a question of where where you when times were not so bright; can you take the heat from opposing fans when you beat; and can you be constructive in your support staying behind the team, manager and fans, and not blame them for the loss of shine if things don't go the way you want them all the time.

        In some ways its much easier to prove your a real supporter if your team is always behind. Maybe the Bluenoses have at least one advantage over us! But, so long as you get behind the team in good times and bad, I've got respect for any real football fan, not matter who you support.

    • I live in london, but if i get hold of a season ticket i will attend every single game of liverpool, doesnt matter if i hav to travel to north pole or iraq to watch them play.

    • First went to Anfield in 1977 when i was 11.........
      been a fan since then, and no i dont come from from Liverpool.

      My brothers girlfriends family invited me up and i was treated so well.

      I go up as and when i can but its so expensive and obviously i have to put my family first. If i was a glory hunter i would have dumped them when they stopped winning the league year in year out.
      All teams have glory hunters, i dont class myself as one

    • what a tw*t of a suggestion....either your a local or a glory hunter!

      If that were true, 99% of Mancs are glory hunting tourists. Because most of Manchester hates the pricks, they all go for City!

      Hang on, I think I've just proved your point.....

    • But your a blue nose seasn why don't you go back to your own board.

    • if your logic was correct we would all support the sunday team that plays in our nearest park fact is big clubs could not survive without us out of towners. the prem is global now and tv money money from shirt sales and other merchandise depends more on this. by this token everton fans like my bro and reds like me who live outside liverpool are as essential to the club as you why take our money then try to make out we are glory hunters when you are sitting in your posh new stadium just remember its the fans that pay to watch it on tv that supply the sky money that built it

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      • ...its all rather comical when people get there facts wrong............

        let me help....first , BY YOUR logic, if this was correct we would still support the school team, never mind anyone else....

        Professional teams, maybe that wasnt so obvious to you.
        i couldnt care less about out of towners, ive staed various reasons why this may be OK, in my book...ok lad.

        Go and get ya facts right on SKY TV money, most of it is generated form abroad, as ive said a seperate subject-------------

        how many scousers support Man UTD.................??


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