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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 21, 2007 23:37 Flag

    ................If Your NOT a Scouser, Your a Glory Hunter...

    Got to point out some errors in our thinking there Sean. I don't believe just due to the lottery of where you were born should determine what team you should support. I was Born in Bristol, but now live in the US. I always hated Bristol City, but while I have a soft spot for Rovers, just could never get behind the team.

    Fact is I got turned on to Football at the same time Liverpool were reaching the very top of there game (season of 76-77). Maybe as a little kid I was a glory hunter, as I supported the most successful team in England, and soon one that would dominate Europe. But Football is a tribal thing. In my primary school you were either Liverpool or City. My brother loved Man U (he's 8 years older and came of age in '68, plus he's a little slow in the head) so combination of anythign to be different from him, and my best friend had just moved from Merseyside, sealed it for me.

    I guess it depends on your definition of glory hunter. If you pick your team, stick with them through good times and bad, I don't think that raises to the definition of glory hunter, even if you were original attracted by the success. But if you chop and change, then your "chasing" the glory. After 30 years, some good, some dark, and some just increadible, I think I've proved myself a true Liverpool fan, even if my accent is not the same as others on this board.

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