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  • This fella seems plastic to me!

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    • I'm surprised not to have heard further from either of my co-accusers.

      They must be consoling each other out there on that ledge, pissing against the wind.

      Ah well, onwards and upwards.....

    • You lot are paranoid since the emergence of P & S.

      Dont think he is fake, the actual term is objective.

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      • I don't think abu is a fake, yes he has his views and expresses them, he is entitled to like everyone else. But if someone does'nt agree with them he does'nt berate them the way Paisley does. Or starts threads with abusing Liverpool supporters.
        He is just a supporter that has his own views and express them at least constructively.
        If Paisley went about the same way as Abu did, he would get a better response from people.

    • sorry mate you lost me a bit.i meant was working shifts last night thought u meant by hit the sheets i should turn in for the night

      who said u were gay?

    • Greetings fellow Reds.

      I'll admit I find it amusing that my true allegiances are being questioned on here. I'm guessing it's because I've been a bit honest with some of my assessments on LFC and some people can’t take it? Or recently, I've been trumpeting suggestions that our Champions League win in 05, special that it was, did NOT make us the BEST team in Europe. Come on folks, surely that one isn’t rocket science.

      DS has had a woody for me since I first joined this board a few months back. If I recall correctly, he reacted to a suggestion I made on a thread that LFC fans need to 'get over' some of our past successes. I made that suggestion in response to someone who started a thread by cutting and pasting our clubs honour roll into it, and sticking it on OUR board. It's the kind of thing that riled me because
      1. As LFC fans, we are already well aware of our successes. If you're going to do it, stick on a rival fans board.
      2. Those are the sort of threads that make our rival fans go for us more! Our honour roll is pretty thin in recent years compared to our rivals, we all know that. These sort of threads draw further attention to that fact and draw unwelcome responses to OUR BOARD from Chavs and d*ckhead Mancs, rather than raising enjoyable, constructive discussion from Reds

      But of course ripping that entire suggestion out of context, DS concluded that I was a pretend fan. Good for him. DS, I like the link you've posted above (from the Manc board) to suggest I'm a pretender. Again, it's just more brutal, objective honesty (I think very few on this board know the meaning of the word OBJECTIVE when it comes to LFC!!!). Only complete idiots would write the Mancs off so early in the season. Are you one of them? Maybe you should go and hunt down the countless posts where I've praised our players performances when due, and defended ridiculous attacks on Rafa or our team from the P*Staker (refer to his ridiculous 'SVEN is bettering Rafa' thread from yesterday as a recent example!)

      Anyway all that aside, I’ll happily set the record straight for those of you who doubt. You don't have to believe me, and if you still don’t, I don’t care….

      - I am Red to the core. Have been for near on 30yrs. Yes, I'm not a local, but that doesn't make me any less of a fan. I've paid extortionate prices to go watch the Reds play at Anfield, that's how nuts I am.
      - I find P&S amusing, and most of his rants ridiculous and OTT. I take very few of his posts seriously, but sometimes - in amongst all the b.s., he makes valid points about our club that I totally agree with.
      - I have NEVER berated LFC fans the way P&S does. I think our fans are the best in the world, they give our club a quality that no other can boast. Half time at Istanbul will stick with me always.
      - Despite the above, I think there are some fans on THIS board who are unrealistic about where our club currently is in comparison to our rivals.
      - I will react to them because I hate, more than ANYTHING, giving rival fans fodder for targetting us, either as fans or as a club. That's why I have been so outspoken against Heinze joining us. That's why the honour roll thread on OUR board drove be mental. That's why I react to claims from blinkered LFC fans that we are AHEAD of our rivals since 2000 with trophies, when most of those trophies just don't carry any water with them. We're just not kidding anyone with those claims, except maybe ourselves.

      So there you have it, draw your own conclusions. But thanks anyway for starting a thread in my honour - I feel quite chuffed by it!

    • I would say you are! Are you working hard? lol, i'm not gay!

    • when his Aussie whit, that you clearly dont understand, will rip u a new arsehole.............dyckehead

    • I need a cold shower more like - been looking at pics of Crouchy's girlfriend !!

    • Fair comment howlfc, lets let Abu speak for himself in the morning.

    • he seems genuine to me, definitely a liverpool fan

    • abu_president? I don't think so, unless your on a witch hunt. He maybe a bit light on P&S, but think he see's the funny side more than others (weird thing about Aussie's). Just ask him about Kewell or any other Kiwi player, doubt you'd get a plastic response.