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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 22, 2007 05:53 Flag

    Who's next?

    No idea on who, but think our priority is a LB who can double as a CB or vice versa.

    We may not have ideal situation at LW, but think Rafa is happy with Riise being Mr dependable, and his hoping Kewell will show the real thing this season. If not he's also got Babel as a back up, although so far he's done better on the right.

    But LB looks a little light until Aurellio gets back. Riise is doing LW duty and Arebeleo had done a fine job, but think he's a natural RB not LB. We also need season long back up for the CB. Sami is still quality, but if either Agger or Carra go down for an extended period its going to be tough. A good solid and proven LB/CB for back up is what I think needs to be first on the list.7-10 million should be able to buy us decent quality,

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    • That's what i was trying to say last nigt. Henize would of been the perfect man for the job. I like koncheski, but i aint sure about his ability as a CD + he signed for Fulham! so he is a definit no no.

      Maldini sounds good, but only if Gillet & Hicks are prepared to throw 10 mil at a player who will only sign a two year contract!