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    ..............................England 1 German 2

    poor result poor performance!

    ...........our midfield was missing.....(you guessed it, Lumpy was in MF)

    .....our defence improved slightly once RioF & Robnison were taken off at 1/2 time

    ....Lumpy & Owen missed open goal

    .....no balance to the team - all the small players on the left

    ....Team clueless & McClaren clueless after the germs went ahead

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    • Actually I think P&S would make an excellent England Manager. From what I can see of what the selection criteria based on the current position holder, I'd say he was a shoe in. Ony thing he'd need to do is brush up on the TV interview skills.

    • Well said - thought we were totally pants!

      Perhaps now Robinson will get the chop - he has been sh*t for years - not just for England but for Spurs too. James and Carson should have been given the chance long ago - Kirkland too, if he stayed injury free!

      Bekham looked tired - can't see that this trans-atlantic life will suit him. Should have stayed in Europe and not listened to his stupid wife and Tom Cruise!

      Shorey? Worth ago last time out - but gave away far too much ball.

      Is Owen and Smith the best we would have conjured up? Owen missed what I would class as a 'sitter' and old Motty said that a fit Owen would have scored it - sorry but at that level, Owen on crutches should have scored it!. That said Crouchy looked lost - then again he has not had much game time this year.

      Joe Cole? PLEASE!! The guy can hardly stand on his feet for more than a few minutes! SW-P should have started.

      Back line looked awkward and the midfield had no inginuity - and no match for a relatively weak German side.

      Richards did OK, and Lumps too (God, I hate to say that!)

      Time for the English public to wake up and realise that England are not going to win these big tournament - we do not have enough top-players to do it. Last night proved it - most of the first teamers were out and we had no talent to step in.

    • Mclaren doesn't have a clue -- he's never achieved anything as a manager -- how the hell did he get the England job??

    • Abysmal England game (another one).

      There seemed to be a lack of drive from the defence to the front two.

      I think England should adopt the high tempo, pressing game that Liverpool employ. They would certainly look a lot better.

      I had a manker mate of mine tell me that the midfield was crying out for Stevie's drive and Pennants running at/past defenders. These where his words not mine.

      Would this have been the perfect opportunity to bring younger players into the fold who might be pressing for the next Euro Championship instead of playing James and Beckham, who will be lucky to stay fit enough to compete?

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      • No idea why Pennant doesn't get picked -- he's been exceptional recently....

        Mclaren hasn't got a clue about tactics...
        Carrick doesn't offer much at this level...
        Robinson has been woeful for two years now...
        Smith offers very little in regard to a goal threat...
        Dyer and Jenas --- why on earth are they still selected -- they've achieved nothing at this level -- try out some of the youngsters...
        Joe Cole is class but far too often he has no end product or just shoots when there are players in better positions...
        Defoe -- I feel sorry for him as he is a natural goalscorer but can't make the team ---
        They may as well offer some players central contracts as they do in cricket -- because no matter how bad they play for their clubs or country they are always selected...

      • Then why did Gerrard cry off?

        He should have played

    • Who gives a shit? Watching England is funny as f*ck! So called world-class players with a numpty for a manager. Always has been always will be. The only reason I want them to win something is so we don't have to have Bobby Charlton wheeled out every time there is an international - and quite frankly 1966 bores the pants off me. Liverpool is the only team that matters to me...

    • Now do you still think that Sven was crap? Not even the best manager in this planet can manage England. It's not the manager's fault, it's the players fault!

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      • No, I disagree with you on that. When put on an England shirt, a player will always give his 100%. The problem is the manager's team selection. Putting your best players for each poistion will not give you result, you need to gel the team together. Keep putting Gerrard and Lampard together guarantees failure. OK, Gerrard did not play last night, but in the proper qualifier, I fear clueless McClaren will team them up again! Also, our back 4 is very week, I don't trust Rio/Terry partnership. Terry/Carra would have been a much better team, but McClaren shot himself at his feet by ignoring Cara for too long and now it is too late!

    • just finished watching the game

      england has been in decay ever since mcclaren took over.

      england, at the national level, does not play "EPL" style, which is the same as saying, no style at all. anyone agrees with my statement?

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      • I'd agree. Seemed like little conviction in the players. Only sparks I saw were from Joe Cole, but he could not (often seems the case) get a decent last touch. Barry did better that Carrick (awful passing) but again no conviction in his play. Second half it was a series of limp attempts to penetrate followed by sending the ball back to James.

        Only bright spots I could see where Richards. Felt he had a solid game, and really the single goal we got was all down to him. I'd been impressed with Shorey in the Brazil game, but this time it was long ball follow by long ball to touch. The one time he made a good move and got into the box, the cross was awful.

        Sad thing is we started well, and there Germans stood off way to far. If someone had taken the bull by the horns and taken a decent run at the defense, it would have crumbled. They really missed Gerrard, and hate to say it Rooney, as I'd say right now they are the only England players in the squad with the passion in their play to make a difference.

        Totally boring game, and I'm very annoyed I had to piss off the wife to allow me to watch it.

      • No, no, no, must keep McClaren at the job, this is the only way to keep our players concentrated on club competitions, because England will not qualify under him!

    • Boy, they turn you Liverpool women into tarts early don't they!

    • no no no no no! P&S already has a job lined up..................................

      ...................at Spurs - once they sack the Next Shankly !!!!

      .....heheehehheeh...just can't happen soon enough for me....

      .....actually I won't be distraught should spurs put 5 past manure come sunday.....a real win-win situation!