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  • paul paul Aug 24, 2007 23:25 Flag

    **ck off fergie

    I think it's been a bad show by both managers for being so public about the whole thing. UTD and Lpool fans don't need any fuel being added to the fire as far as the rivalry between the fans are concerned. Those small few morons who cause trouble at games love this kind of thing and the managers openly bickering doesn't help.

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    • Hate agreeing with a Man U fan, but I tend to agree with this view. If the letter did not give Heinze the right to leave, then technically this could be tapping up, but lets get realistic here, until the tribunal that was in doubt, and too be honest I think its fair there may still be outstanding questions, but they will never be answered as this won't be appealed. By the same token many times with the agents playing a lead role in starting negotiations, could be viewed as tapping up. Tevez for example, was all but sold by his agent, before his club of registration had agreed terms. Therefore I'd say SAF is on shaky ground going after anyone on tapping up charges this time round.

      Fact is all have not looked good. Agents may have started this and given poor advice, but SAF and Rafa decided to let this play out in public. They'd been better off trying to do this quietly behind closed doors. Think that would have been better for the image of both clubs and the player. But milk is spilt and life must go on.

      Doubt anyone really won. Heinze ends up at a large club, but moving abroad was not his first option. Man U loose a quality back up player, by all accounts they did not want to sell, and Liverpool did not pick up a strong back up player to strengthen their squad. Now if we can all get over it, the compitition is on the pitch, not in the office of the lawyers.