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  • matthew h matthew h Aug 24, 2007 21:50 Flag

    **ck off fergie

    this an absolute joke.

    Fergie investigating Liverpool because one of his players can't stand his control-freakery and being repeatedly dropped even though he is a shoo-in for his national team.

    The coverage of this on yahoo and on the national press is also ridiculous.

    And how has Paul Parker suddenly become this know it all pundit?

    Okay he is not as stupid as the average footballer but he is obviously coming from a United perspective.

    It is really baised as is the EPL decision on this issue.

    liverpool fans should voice their disapproval, even though it is unlikely to have any effect.

    The Yahoo coverage is obviously pro United and pro Chelsea.

    We will show them this season because our squad is extremely good and they are afraid.

    We will win.

    Then they will be forced to have a a better, more balanced coverage on this website

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