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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 25, 2007 01:21 Flag


    I understand you need a translator here; my pa just retyped holly’s post:-

    Ok we all know it wasnt a penalty!!!.

    The law makers in game could make it easier for the ref if theY starTed booking team for crowding the red. ie 3 team bookings in season would result in -3points. thAT would stop the ref feeling he was giving one side all the freekicks!!!

    Lets face it styles cracked with all the chelsea players round him all the time.i am a pool fan but i know the worst teams in prem FOR this is the top 4 teams.

    Refs do seem to give it to players that are more well known ie england internationALs. Each of the top clubs knows THEY CAN to do this. Let’s give the refs a chance. Let them believe they are making the correct decisions.

    Please tell me if you think this is the way forward.

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    • I think that you will find that Liverpool never crowd the ref - Rafas orders. Chelsea are bloody terrible for it, even worse than the Mancs used to be, every decision that goes against them, six or seven players crowd the ref. I think Mourinho's orders - he will use any tactic to gain an advantage even cheating.

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      • We could go around and around all day long on which team is worse at this, but the bottom line is does it influence decisions. If so, then the league needs to find ways to stamp it out.

        First off a ref needs to have a strong enough character to put up with any attempt to influence during the game. If they can't handle it, then sorry, its down to the lower divisions for you.

        Second, I think I saw a post on here that made a lot of sense. Refs need to be firm if they feel players are trying to influence by crowding around. I'd say, the only players who need to be talking to a ref after any foul decision are the players directly involved, and the team captain. If a player continues to pressure the ref he should be aloud to tell the player to take 3 steps back, and then count to 5 or 10. If the player still crowding trying to make his case, its an automatic yellow card.

        As a kid, we were told to always respect the ref. Sure we could complain to each other, or the coach, and the locker room was always full of talk about bad decisions, but on the pitch you kept it quiet. I know there is a lot riding on these decsions, and egos on all side are in play, but lets get back to some degree of sportsmanship here.

    • Very good point and one I endorse.