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  • Damo Damo Aug 28, 2007 20:53 Flag

    Z-Cars at Anfield tonight.

    Seems by the rumour mill that in memory of Rhys the Z-Cars theme will be played at Anfield tonight before the usual chorus of YNWA. A lovely sentment for the Jones family and a fitting tribute to the little lad. Lets just hope that the usual idiots don't spoil it.... it's a one off that isn't about football rivalry, it's about the memory of a great kid who had his life snatched away for no reason. If you're there tonight and someone tries to spoil it then for Rhys's sake shut them up!

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    • Thanks Mr Stonk; We are all scousers wherever we currently are in the world and we look after our own first, Red or Blue.


    • I'm very pleased that z cars theme was observed properly.Well done.

    • The Anfield Supporters did Rhys proud !! Emotional night for the parents.

    • The Anfield Supporters did Rhys proud !! Emotional night for the parents.

    • I think that this is an excellent idea. By all accounts Rick Parry telephoned the family of Rhys following a suggestion on a radio phone-in.

      I doubt very much that it will be spoiled. We all know what it's like to experience tragedy (personally and) as a Club.

      I won't be there tonight, but I'll be joining the minutes applause down the pub with my mates.

      RIP Rhys.


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      • I read this in the Orlando Sentinel under the heading"Liverpool Joins Everton in Class":

        Yesterday I wrote about how moved I was by the fans at Goodison Park over the weekend in honor of young Rhys Jones, who was shot and killed while walking home from playing football.

        Now Liverpool is going to pay respects to the young Everton fan in a way that proves yet again that while there are bitter rivalries, there is also a wonderful football community willing to look past colors on jerseys to do what's right.

        Today, before Liverpool's Champions League qualifier against Toulouse, the speakers at Anfield will blast a tune of their neighboring rivals in honor of Rhys and in tribute to his family.

        Liverpool will play "Johnny Todd", the song that usually greats Everton players when they take the pitch at Goodison Park. The fans will also give Rhys a one-minute applause similar to that given on Saturday before Everton's home match with Blackburn.

        Along with the unprecedented playing of the Everton tune, Liverpool players will wear black armbands in honor of the murdered school boy showing yet again, that while football might sometimes bring out the worst in people, it also has the power to bring out the best.

        Says it all!!

    • If any1 thinks it's clever to spoil it then i dispair of the human race.

      If they don't repect this young lads memory,then Liverpool's reputation is on the line tonight.

      It should be a no brainer,even for the half wits who delight in spoiling anthems etc.


      It can't bring him back but for a lad who loved football it would be a nice tribute.