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  • this could be the biggest argument foe rotation yet

    from what i gather raffa keeps records of players energy levels and fitness and if the drop below a certain level they don't play

    with the amount of games played, the amount of stress on players to perform training public appearences,newspaper exposure,travelling to games,many have children to care for,wags to maintain

    it must be a grueling scedule

    perhaps we ask to much of our heroes

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    • Just read in the Daily Mail that Clive Clarke of Sunderland on loan at leicester collapsed at half time during the Carling cup tie at Forest.

      He had to have his heart started twice by paramedics.

      Luckily he is stabilising in a local Hospital.

      So thats three players. At least he looks like he's on the mend.

    • armchair supporter i think u may be right. With the cases of foe, puerta and now this zambian player one factor remains consistent and that is that the temperatures were 35-40 degrees and that is far too hot to be playing a fast paced sport such as football. What about the temp though in the carling cup match? it couldnt have been as hot as that.....