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  • Matthew Matthew Sep 3, 2007 04:51 Flag

    what do u think of our new summer signings

    i think that the signings rafa has made aree good ones because we now have strength and depth in every position now just watch chavski today without fat frank they are not a threat to anybody

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    • Think they have all settled very quickly and playing well within the squad - all of them are creating and scoring goals.

      One player who has impressed me of what I have seen of him - OK, the second Toulouse game and MOTD highlights - is Arbeloa. Seems to be getting forward well and pushing the ball around. Still gives it away a little too much from time to time, but still had a great start to the season.

      People have mentioned Arsenal on this thread - I thought they would be a shambles with Henry gone, but they do seem to be getting some impressive results. With Man U and Chelsea slipping up then maybe the EPL will have a very different look to it come the end of the season and that can only be good for English football.

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      • I think Torres is the real deal....he is going to light up Anfield...his touches, spins and pace in addition to the fact he doesn't mind a battle, and is tall and looks decent in the air....safe to predict a 20plus haul in the prem I reckon.

        Babel also looks full of potential....they compared him too Barnes on motd.....very premature but in style i can see what they mean...the way he runs with the ball, his touches...he's going to take time...but I'm very pleased

        Voronin looks good, i'd be worried as a main striker, but as a second to Torres he looks fantastic.

        Benayoun......could be ok...I'm worried he's lightweight but he won't be a regular starter..more of a GArcia. Which I'm happy with.

        Overall we are a threat to the title race this year..no doubt. I make the bookies right actually who have us ahead of Utd but behind Chelsea

    • I'd give Babel more time before making an assesment. He's young and playing in the Premier league for the first time, it's gonna take time to settle.
      Voronin looks like a great free transfer.

    • Bellamy and Voronin are both 28, play the same style of football, similar body built. One came in free and the other one sold for £7.5m to the Hammers. One has been settling in very well, the other one was a brat playing golf everywhere. In terms of money worth, Voronin should be the best buy.

      Yossi is not a natural left side winger, but is placed there by Rafa as a utility player, like what he did to Garcia and Zenden. His consistency and diligency has shown his worth. He is my #2.

      Torres had a good first goal in his first game, but the last two against Derby were not as okay though not as good. He has given me the image of Owen 7 years ago.

      I hope Babel will not be another Speedy. Leto and Leiva need more playing time to prove themselves.

    • Voronin: Good forward, play multiply position, can pass ball and shoot himself, plus free transfer!
      Babel: Good speed, skill, but lack of crossing skill, therefore probably not a MF, but a forward.
      Torres: Fastest, El Nino!!! Good purchase.
      Yossi: From Champion's league vs. Toulouse, he is pretty good at right MF, best player of that match. will play a key role in our MF.
      Lucas and Leto: probably won't get much chance, but when they play vs. Toulouse, I feel they have a great future.

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      • I thought Babel would settle quicker than Torres. Looks like I was wrong on that one. Still early days yet though. Torres looks the more consistent whereas Babel looks like he's still finding his feet (definitely a quality player though only in bursts atm).

        Voronin is also looking like a very quality player for nothing. Probably at number two in the current pecking order.

        Theres never really been a doubt about Yossi's ability to perform but I would want to see more of Leto and Lucas before I comment further. They must be doing something right in training though. I think Rafa needs to blood them futher to help them get experience (I thought the Derby game would have been the purfect opportunity to do that).