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  • Kuen Kuen Sep 3, 2007 09:25 Flag

    what do u think of our new summer signings

    Bellamy and Voronin are both 28, play the same style of football, similar body built. One came in free and the other one sold for £7.5m to the Hammers. One has been settling in very well, the other one was a brat playing golf everywhere. In terms of money worth, Voronin should be the best buy.

    Yossi is not a natural left side winger, but is placed there by Rafa as a utility player, like what he did to Garcia and Zenden. His consistency and diligency has shown his worth. He is my #2.

    Torres had a good first goal in his first game, but the last two against Derby were not as okay though not as good. He has given me the image of Owen 7 years ago.

    I hope Babel will not be another Speedy. Leto and Leiva need more playing time to prove themselves.