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    Stuff the Internationals


    I am looking forward to the Pompey game already. If we are to be serious about winning the title we have to look at this game as being very important.

    It could be a pivotal game because on paper it looks pretty difficult. If we lose it could be seen as a bad setback, as it would alow the mancs the opportunity to overtake us.

    On the flipside, if we win, it could be the springboard we need to push on to bigger things.

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    • He'd knee injury was in fact a muscle cramp from not enough training in the last few weeks. Hope that is the case, and that he comes through the Russian game okay, and is back with us soon.

      However, goes to show what happens when you rush a player back to soon. I can understand why they wanted him, but his performance was off, no doubt as he was not really 100%. This kind of management can cause silly injuries. In this case we were lucky, but I hope the England set up thinks about this carefully. Just ask Newcastle fans about what happens when you rush a player back!

    • Well I know this will be a lively discussion tomorrow and Monday when Stevie G hobbled off with a knee injury.

    • Agree, this could be pivitol. A win on the south coast could help us pull away a little. Yes our fixtures are on paper easier than the other top 4 clubs, but if we can open some daylight between us, it puts us in a commanding position, while everyone else is playing catch up.

      Chelsea have to play the Mancs in a couple weeks, and Man U also have to play Everton after the International break, so its likely one or both of them will drop points. Also if the P&S manager of the month Jol can get a result against Arsenal, we could be looking really good.

      But, the key is we need to keep the results coming ourselves, not matter what the other teams are doing. Last year we would have excused a draw, or even a loss against a team like Portsmoth, as they are the so called "Bogeymen teams". However, if we are serious about a title run, we need to get maximum points home and away from the mid table teams like Pompy.

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    • There is no doubt that Pompey have been a bit of a bogey team to us in the last few years - and you are correct about us getting a result (ie a win!) there being crucial. But I do sense a new steely determination in the squad this year. The new boys have come in and really booted the rest of the lads up the arse - except Riise, who is as casual as ever! - looking at our fixtures, they are all winnable, I just hope the shitty internationals don't interrupt our momentum. I would absolutely love to be playing the Mancs next!