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    LFC SCARED to EARN its Champions League status


    It’s with a mixture of SHAME and EMBARRASSMENT that your leader briefly returns to the group before heading to Wembley to support STEVIE G and my COUNTRY on this sad day for our club and long term supporters of it like me…

    Following a top level UEFA meeting in Switzerland involving 102 European clubs I can exclusively reveal that LIVERPOOL FC were the major whiners who threw their toys from the pram over Michel Platini’s superb plan to revamp the Champions League. It transpires that the LFC suits are up in arms that only the TOP THREE EPL clubs will go into the tournament whilst the fourth will become the FA Cup winners and are therefore refusing to back the plan because they are s**t scared.

    I’m sure all TRUE UNBIASED Liverpool fans will agree that Platini’s proposal is a far better option to help reinstate some integrity into a tournament that has become watered down and turned into another money sucking scam used to bleed the fickle fans dry! Indeed we long serving fans know that during the glory days we OWNED the European cup with four glorious victories against ONLY the elite teams in the game without the ridiculous group stages featuring any euro-dross that happens to qualify. In fact I will once again speak for the masses by suggesting that only the top TWO EPL teams should get into the CL and if you aren’t good enough then TOUGH. I have therefore written to UEFA about this much fairer scenario and know I can rely on your support to back me up.

    Unfortunately this scenario of NOT QUALIFYING on merit is of course what scares the LFC suits and most fairweather fans to death because they KNOW we aren’t good enough to CONSISTENTLY finish in the top two having done so only ONCE since the PREM started 16 seasons ago!

    Therefore we need to face facts that if we cannot compete at the highest level by being an ELITE club in our own league then we do not deserve to represent the country in the Champions League!

    Serious FOOTBALL related debate only on this hugely important topic please….in other words


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    • http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/6993848.stm

      G14 to snub Platini's proposals. Seems there were more clubs against the idea than suggested by this thread?

      Quote from the attached article:

      'We're very concerned about the quality of the competition and the damage this could cause," - G14 general manager.

      My point exactly.....

    • Whats up with the leaving the dam thing alone after all it was the big wigs who made the present rules and regulations in the first place and as far as I'm aware we have all enjoyed watching the competition over recent years, if anything maybe it should be 3 clubs that should be able to qualify from the respective countries leagues and not cup competitions, all this is is Mr Platty trying to put his own stamp on the competition, he only wants to do what most folk do when they enter a new position but in this case wrongly in my opinion.

      dont fix what aint broken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • P & S

      Thank you for your Humour ... well I hope it was just humour because this article would have shown you up as being a complete a55 h0le who knows nothing about football.
      Read and weep it was not just LFC who rejected that idea.

      dont be a Kn000b all your life get out and about.

    • All this would do is make FA cup more boring and harder to win for lower clubs. If top teams have no chance to qualify from league position they would concentrate on the FAcup by playing more stifling boring formations that ensure a good run
      and the reserve players would not get as games as before. That is what makes the FAcup exciting because half the time the top four play weakened teams and that gives everyone a chance.

      Im confused

      If the winner of fa cup goes into cl and only top two in league then obviously 3-4 enter the uefa cup but what happens to 5-6 -7place? Would there be 5 teams in uefa cup instead.

    • Err, you've missed a point here. We have finished third the last two seasons so why should we be scared? Also our squad is better in relation to the others so we are probably going to finish higher!

      Also, it was us and the Mancs that objected, they are champions so what do you think of that.

      Then you say that we should be an ELITE club within our own league - so if the rules were what they were are going to be, what do you think of the fact that Millwall would've been in the CL a few years ago?

      Hardly elite having cup holders is it?

    • Please dont give us this rubbish that you are representing the MASS or the so-called true unbiased LFC fans. Think before you speak as u hv noticed(and enjoyed, i believe) many LFC fans here do read your posts. At times, it can be entertaining, but sometimes, u make a fool of yourself.

      I dont mean to disrespect your highly knowledgable footballing brain. So, perhaps you could start by supporting Rafa and the team.


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    • its sad but its true.

      UEFA will not rock the boat to much as they dont want the big clubs forming the own champions league and going it alone without them and taking all the money to themselves.

      Going further down the lines, the players can do as they like now as they have the power over the clubs.

    • you seem to be stating only liverpool are against this. what you fail to mention is that the germans aren,t to sure about the change . the spanish and french are leaving the decision up to there respective fa,s and the italians only want it as they are due to review the rules of there cup competition and man utd are also against it .

      so next time state the facts nad not just what you want us to believe

      ps you not got a computer at home yet what would your boss say


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