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    LFC SCARED to EARN its Champions League status


    It’s with a mixture of SHAME and EMBARRASSMENT that your leader briefly returns to the group before heading to Wembley to support STEVIE G and my COUNTRY on this sad day for our club and long term supporters of it like me…

    Following a top level UEFA meeting in Switzerland involving 102 European clubs I can exclusively reveal that LIVERPOOL FC were the major whiners who threw their toys from the pram over Michel Platini’s superb plan to revamp the Champions League. It transpires that the LFC suits are up in arms that only the TOP THREE EPL clubs will go into the tournament whilst the fourth will become the FA Cup winners and are therefore refusing to back the plan because they are s**t scared.

    I’m sure all TRUE UNBIASED Liverpool fans will agree that Platini’s proposal is a far better option to help reinstate some integrity into a tournament that has become watered down and turned into another money sucking scam used to bleed the fickle fans dry! Indeed we long serving fans know that during the glory days we OWNED the European cup with four glorious victories against ONLY the elite teams in the game without the ridiculous group stages featuring any euro-dross that happens to qualify. In fact I will once again speak for the masses by suggesting that only the top TWO EPL teams should get into the CL and if you aren’t good enough then TOUGH. I have therefore written to UEFA about this much fairer scenario and know I can rely on your support to back me up.

    Unfortunately this scenario of NOT QUALIFYING on merit is of course what scares the LFC suits and most fairweather fans to death because they KNOW we aren’t good enough to CONSISTENTLY finish in the top two having done so only ONCE since the PREM started 16 seasons ago!

    Therefore we need to face facts that if we cannot compete at the highest level by being an ELITE club in our own league then we do not deserve to represent the country in the Champions League!

    Serious FOOTBALL related debate only on this hugely important topic please….in other words


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    • Our Leader? Where?...

      "Michel Platini’s superb plan to revamp the Champions League"... wow you really do talk some crap just to get a rise out of people don't you?

      Couldn't be bothered to read the rest.

      You. are. a. moron. DISCUSS!

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      • I just scanned the post to see if he had the balls to mention the fact the two "most" vocal objectors were Liverpool and EPL CHAMPIONS MANCHESTER UNITED. I knew before I opened the page that he wouldn't include this fact. Or the fact that if this happened a few years ago wouldn't Millwall be representing England in the Champions League. It wouldn't be the Champions League with a Championship team in there would it.

        The current format is fine, Platini should just stop trying to make changes and leave it up to the countrys FA to decide how the participants are decided.

        Use your football knowledge to support this post, you know i'm right.

        Ignore the spelling mistakes i'm a bit rushed for time.

    • Oi Dip shit.

      I thought you wanted only the elite in the comp yet you want the Cup winners in there as well!!!!!!!!!!!

      I quite like your fickle threads but this really takes the biscuit.

      The leader and legend of what may i ask.

      Your so called 'football knowlege' is flawed....yet again.

      Your not the only one to live through the glory years as you call them

      Go and bother the spurs board as the even the mancs hav spanked your ass


    • What a complete and utter load of crap. Seriously Paisley the only reason you type this shite as you hav;nt got the balls to say it to TRUE fans faces.

    • I think you'll find Pharoah that LFC was not alone in our objection to Platini's proposals.

      SAF rubbished them as well, saying that the FA Cup winner cannot possibly be justified as having earned their spot alongside a top 3/4 finisher in the league. FFS, some cup winners canter through to the final due to the random draw element of any cup tournament. It just doesn't stack up.

      You'd also have the ugly prospect of having to work out how the FA Cup 'place' is assigned in the event of the FA Cup winner having already qualified for the CL. Does it got to the runner up? Then we would have had Millwall in the CL in 03 - that would be a great way to 'represent the country in the Champions League'.

      What about last year when 1 v 2 played off in the final? Would Blackburn and Watford play off for the right to play in the CL? What a can of worms to open that would be....all the ugly permutations. Remember, we're talking about a potential £20m windfall for any club that makes it. The right to earn it must (and should) be black and white, and not full of 'grey' permutations and possibilities that take credibility away from the tournament.

      IMO, winning the FA cup is NOT on par with a top 3 (or 4) finish in the league. For a top flight team, it requires just winning 6 games (from round 3 to the final - ignoring replays). With the luck element of the draw involved, that is simply no justification for competing with the cream of Europe. That's the argument LFC would have put forward, and I think most OBJECTIVE fans will agree with it.

      Do you have any facts on what stances were taken by other clubs re this proposal? I'd be very interested to see that.

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      • Italians were in favour to revitalise their cup competitions, France and Spain wanted it left in the hands of the relevant FA's, Germanys teams were generally split. The smaller clubs were generally in agreement (they would be, theres a greater chance of them getting a windfall).

        I agree with the French and the Spanish on this one. Leave it to the FA's to decide, if they want to inject some excitement into their own cup competitions then so be it. Fighting for the right over 38 games though will truely sperate the wheat from the chaff.

        BTW 100 clubs were represented. 32 clubs in the knockout phases of the CL (majority of those were in the same position last year). Doesn't take genius to realise where the majority will vote.

    • Now what fucking shit u coming out with now p&s!!!

      it's perfectly correct that the top 2 teams in the league automatically qualify for the champions league.. Then the 3rd place'd team has to earn their place in the champions league.. By your suggestion then teams who're lucky to win a cup tourmament would be in the champions league when they've not even slogged their way thgrough the league to earn their place in the champions league is frankly insulting to to the top 2 teams in the league ...

      now discuss... U fucking stupid moron!!!
      who claims to have a master footballing brain..

      u r master stupid cunt thats what u r and your comments prove it!!!

    • Ricky is right. Spurs have more chance of winning the FA Cup than finishing in the top 4.

      Also, 'Paisley_Shanks' is his tabloid voice, saying whatever will get the biggest reaction at the time.
      When he is 'sirwenger' he talks totally differently... i've even seen him contradict himself... all a bit schizophrenic if you ask me...

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      • Why is anyone responding to this post???? P-S has sytematically 'earned the right' to be ignored by anyone with any love for Liverpool FC! The Champions League was devalued many years ago when it became a league rather than a cup competition, it was also devalued when it was opened up to 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers in the respective leagues but alas thats the way it is.... In a perfect world the CL would only be open to League champions and the current holders but money talks and thats not the way it is going to be! The main point to come out of this thread is that nobody on this board can resist responding to P-S's bollocks.... be nice if he was just ignored by everyone and then he might just go away!

    • .......most of the replies to this thread need a head shaking or what....look outside of the box...just for a few moments....

      ..you all seem to be hell bent on stating that Millwall or even possibly Watford would be representing the English league in the Cl....................YEAH...so what.......are you sying its only for the top 4 clubs, no matter what............

      cos if you are you ALL frecking Hypocrites.............BIGTIME...and you know where that is coming from....

      AGAIN, its one rule for all you sheep and freck therest....

      YOU never qualyfied for the Cl, but whinged like hell cos you where holders............and dont start spouting to me about ´´it wouldnt be right´´ if the holders werent in it......................you cant have as una-biased opinion as me, or most others on that, so dont bother......

      ....You all seem to forget also, that the FA cup winners or whoever gets through via this slot, would be chucked in to the 1st round of qualifying, so may get kicked out soon anyway, if they dont, so what good luck to them............
      ...its a cup competetion and have earned thir right through ANOTHER CUP competition, so have proved themselves to be able to COMPETE........................it also adds more respect and credance bcak into the wailing FA cup competition here.........

      You say it shouldnt be allowd but when you won in Istanbul, where did you finish in the league........3rd....4th............you certainly were´nt the best Footballing side in Europe, you were the best Cup team in Europe...Fact...............get over it...

      If Millwall ahd gotthrough by default, on that season, they were the 2nd best CUP side in England...so what, let em have their glory day and reward for getting so far and stop trying to paint the balckboard as you only see fit for yaselves....

      Platini´s idea has more merit than you blinkered sheep realise.............if you dont like it , finish in the top 2 and have done with it...........3rd and 4th slot are wildcards anyway, stop making out its compulsory...its not.

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      • Sean, sorry but I can't help thinking you are using these proposals as an opportunity to attack LFC fans, rather than providing an honest, objective opinion on the subject.

        I personally am not arguing the proposals for the benefit of our club, but rather for the benefit of the tournament, and the credibility of it. That's why I think top 2 would be the best way to guarantee the cream of Europe is always represented, and has the deserved chance to win the thing. Either that, or change the name of the tournament to something other than the Champions League.

        If the boot was on the other foot and Everton finished 4th and missed out to a cup winner, you'd be pretty darn miffed after going through all that hard graft in the league. Especially if the cup place went to an inferior team who snuck through due to a kind cup draw. No disrespect to Watford, they had a good cup run last year. But FFS, they were relegated - by some distance. Would you want to see them in CL qualifying in place of your club finishing 4th, some 40 odd points ahead of them? I doubt it somehow.

        You say the proposals have more merit than 'us sheep' think, well I ask merit for who? I can't see any merit in them for either the standard of the CL tournament, or the standard of England's representation in it.

        But by all means, prove me wrong…..

      • You forgot the fact that their is precidence, in a team qualify for the CL when they finished outside the qualifying 4 after withing the CL. Real Madrid entered the competition when the Spanish FA changed their qualifying rules to accommodate the champions. Liverpool fought so hard to start at the VERY beginning of the CL to ACCOMMODATE Everton instead of forcing the implementation of the above. Do you realise the trouble it would have caused to change the rules as Real Madrid did and kick Everton out. You don't have to be a SHEEP to see that one coming up to bite someone on the ass.

        All said an done frequently the strongest sides in the EPL are the top 4. 2 automatically qualify, 2 have to go into the prelims. If it aint broke don't fix it. For the third time today 38 games determine who has the right to go through, not 6 as previously mentioned a number of times for the cup compos (not checked the games I'll take the info on faith).

        And as mention before leave it to the FA's to determine how qualifying is sorted out. It's the only way to keep every club (present at Lyon) happy. No arguments then.

      • as a team we could only blame ourselves that we didn't qualify but i do think you need the holders in the comp

        but as an everton fan if you broke into the top four wouldn't yoube dissapointed not to get in the champs league

        clubs such as everton,spur etc need the 4th qualifying spot as a reward also the extra revenue to keep closing the gap on the top teams

    • Yes, Spurs nearly broke into the top 4 recently (except for some poor timed food poisoning) and Everton also finished in the top 4 a couple of years ago.
      How would you guys feel if you finished in the top 4 after a hard fought season... then someone like Swindon fluked their way to the FA Cup and got the Champions League spot and the 20 million Plus that comes with it. I'm sure you'd be in favour of this ridiculous rule change then, wouldn't you?

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      • This topic again shows up P&S' ignorance about football history. Let me just remind you, there is a competition for winners of FA Cup and League Cup, that competition used to be called Cup Winners Cup, now known as UEFA Cup.

        If there is already a competition for cup winners, why bother changing the rules for CL qualification unless the frog's next move is to scrap UEFA Cup!

      • All i can say, is well done P&S after a few drab posts that have warranted very few responses.

        You have found yet more common news and twisted it to suit your own ends to generate responses. Do you not find it odd that for majority of your posts people just laugh or redicule you. PEOPLE ARENT REPLYING TO YOUR POSTS TO DEBATE THEM THEY HAVE COME TO LAUGH AND JOKE AT THEM!

        Actually its a pity you have become such a hated figure on all the boards and very sad that you must get your kicks by just putting people backs up all the time.

        Because some of the posts you have raised have warrented discussion such as this one but they way you raise them results in the topic being lost for the hatred of you!

    • you seem to be stating only liverpool are against this. what you fail to mention is that the germans aren,t to sure about the change . the spanish and french are leaving the decision up to there respective fa,s and the italians only want it as they are due to review the rules of there cup competition and man utd are also against it .

      so next time state the facts nad not just what you want us to believe

      ps you not got a computer at home yet what would your boss say


    • its sad but its true.

      UEFA will not rock the boat to much as they dont want the big clubs forming the own champions league and going it alone without them and taking all the money to themselves.

      Going further down the lines, the players can do as they like now as they have the power over the clubs.

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