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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 19:04 Flag

    Are 'Pool fans GULLIBLE to Paisley's incitement tactics?

    Is stating the obvious your only talent as scousers, besides.....lol?!!

    What gets to you most is that every now and then is that he isn't wrong and even though you can argue, you can't beat him because its his perspective and all you have is yours, its just an opinion ffs.

    When he says something like you haven't won the league for 18 years and thats unacceptable, and unacceptable expecting anything less he's spot on. When he looks at Rafas rotation policy and him turning you into a Spanish armada he's not wrong! Some may like the way things are, some may not, but doesn't make either of you right!

    The fact you need to put him on ignore shows you just want to cover up your ears in denial of the ugly things about your club. We all have them, those that recognise them see things as they really are.