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    Are 'Pool fans GULLIBLE to Paisley's incitement tactics?

    With so many of Liverpool fans replying to his bullshit, are scousers being taken for a ride by this loudmouth? DISCUSS.....

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    • We are not here to see someone posting rants that barely contain any true facts at all about the club(s) we support, facts that are so badly twisted you would have thought Comical Ali had got his hands on them. The responses are there coz no-one likes to see their club badly judged and slated for little or no reason. I'm sure you wouldn't sit idly by Rooney, if it was your club on your board.

      My responses, for the record, are not full of hate. Just full of pity for those who will not see.

    • Maybe hate is too strong a word, total disdain for the person and his supposed knowledge may be more to the point!

    • They aren't responses, they are reactions, and he's right. If he gets that many he is obviously making an impression that warrants analyzing for why he gets it. 'Full of hate' you say? Over a message board? Thats interesting...

    • No Paisely is just a wind-up merchant... he just like pushing peoples buttons nothing more.

      Oh and you say he's right about rotation? He's right about Liverpool becoming a Spanish Armada?
      No, Rafa is right. Liverpool are looking the best they have in years and it's thanks to Rafa... if he wants to buy the entire Spanish international squad and rotate them completely every match, and it's brings success? then i'm all for it.

      You would just agree with anyone who slags off Rafa or Liverpool plain and simple.

    • You say it's about opinions.... it's not really is it??? P-S will not accept that anyone can disagree with him and then reverts to type slagging people off and calling them stupid! There are many points that P-S makes that are correct, sometimes obvious but often correct! To follow them up with abuse for anyone with a differing opinion is where he goes wrong. He is hated on this board by most and claims to be the king of the board due to the number of responses he gets even though most of them are full of hate towards him, pity for him and dismissive of his abuse!

    • Is stating the obvious your only talent as scousers, besides.....lol?!!

      What gets to you most is that every now and then is that he isn't wrong and even though you can argue, you can't beat him because its his perspective and all you have is yours, its just an opinion ffs.

      When he says something like you haven't won the league for 18 years and thats unacceptable, and unacceptable expecting anything less he's spot on. When he looks at Rafas rotation policy and him turning you into a Spanish armada he's not wrong! Some may like the way things are, some may not, but doesn't make either of you right!

      The fact you need to put him on ignore shows you just want to cover up your ears in denial of the ugly things about your club. We all have them, those that recognise them see things as they really are.

    • Damn, you beat me to that.

    • So this is your new id then is it Paisley?

    • As a casually observing neutral and lifelong united fan i think you scousers are as in denial about paisley as you are your team. he offers the most entetaining and unbiased posts about your crappy team and thats why all football fans enjoy his posts, because he shoots straight from the hip. you could learn a lot from paisley, he is a rare breed of unbiased scouser who very rarely gets it wrong. so what if he grinds your gears, suck it up like you have the last 18 years!

    • He doesn't spam, raises some good points, some rubbish ones that you can argue easily. People who need to put guys like him on ignore are pathetic if you ask me. If you're not interested in what he says just don't post, its not hard. Some of you are a joke and need to get a f*ckin life.

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