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    The reason why Crouch is 4th in the pecking order

    I believe that with Crouchie in the team, he really does slow the play down too much. Last year the team played more slowly than now so it wasn't so noticeable, but now, with the pace of Torres and Babel etc introduced and the slick one-touch stuff we are now playing, he really does look ponderous!

    Any thoughts guys?

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    • Got to say I'm very disappointed in the tone and comments about Crouch on this thread and others over the last few days. Crouch has been a great servant to this club, is still a quality striker, and other than Gerrard, our top scorer in European compitition in teh current squad.

      Is he on form now? No. Are the other strikers doing better putting Crouchy in 4th spot? Of course. Does that mean we dump him like yesterday's newspapers? Hell no.

      Fact is we need 4 quality strikers to compete in all compititions. Unless you right off CL right now, go forward with only 3 strikers to try for the prem and the prem only, then we need Crouch. Besides, who are you going to get in the transfer window to replace him? Fact is very little out there in terms of quality strikers who will be willing to sit on the bench as the 4th striker. Unless he puts in a transfer request (I've heard he's upset for not starting, but not planning on leaving!) then I say keep him.

      Crouchy has never been understood. He's an ugly footballer, but he gets the job done. Personally I don't care what you look like. Midget or giant, if you do your job when your turn in the rotation comes up, your contributing to the squad. He may not have come up with the goods yet, but with so little time on the pitch, its way to early to right off our 6'7" scissor kick wonder striker.

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      • I must start every post with "Don't get me wrong I like Crouchie". We aren't saying get rid, we are saying would you be content to play limited games, when you have almost cemented 2nd striker in the England squad. Heskey is now breathing down his neck, and Rooney back from injury. I'm saying he's not likely to be happy with the situation, and considering the interest from other clubs both home and abroad, I can see him accepting another challenge elsewhere.

        Well thats what I say anyway, others are entitled to their opinion.

    • Crouch should be sold in January so we can bring Owen back.
      the same happens at Liverpool as what happens for England When he plays. The negative long ball.
      He can't head a ball and his ball control is terrable.

    • Crouch encourages the long ball, a tactic that I personally dislike.

      He's a nice option to have on the bench, to be able to bring him on late in games to try and crack a defence open. But as you say, he's just not quick enough. Compare him to the workhorse Kuyt, or the speedster Torres, and there is just to contest between them in terms of the problems they can pose to defences.

      I much prefer the quicker, ball-on-the-deck style of play we are seeing more of with Torres and Babel in the team, and Kuyt complements that style as well. It is the way to win games CONSISTENTLY IMO, especially against the tougher teams. Crouch doesn't lend himself to that approach simply because it's not where his strengths are.

      I see Crouch's starts limited to a lower number of EPL games, and more starts in Europe and in the cups. In Europe especially he is a great asset to have in the team, and for that reason alone I'd like to see us hang on to him.

      But to be honest, Rafa seems to be moving in a different direction, with the buys that he's made this summer and the teams he's picked for the prem games. It's more about pace and fluency in attack now, and that is a change I more than welcome.

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      • Well I agree that Crouch now is a liabilty for us.. he was great when didn't have any tall players but we do now in the guise of Torres.. whose a better player than Crouch.. I can see Crouch going in January and Rafa looking for a quality striker to replace him with.. or maybe someone on a free ie Raul.

        I'd like to see Trezeguet come to Anfield..

      • Can't see much wrong with what you are both saying. Considering the amount of potential suitors in the EPL and (apparent) interest from abroad, how long do you think he'll stay at Liverpool considering his limited opportunities and the fact that Heskey (when fit) is now probably considered Englands No. 3 after Rooney and Owen, and Crouchies limited opportunities in a LFC shirt hurt his England placement.

        And the answer is not 6' 7".

        I think it might be Crouchies last season in a LFC shirt and, if the grumbling continues and his form doesn't improve, we might even be looking at Crouchie leaving in the transfer window.

        Let me just make it clear that I think he has the potential to be a great at Liverpool if the opportunities were laid in his path, but as you've said, quick decisive on the deck passing seems to be the norm at Anfield atm. I think being a super sub is probably not what he's wanting.