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  • vlad vlad Sep 18, 2007 22:49 Flag

    Glad in a way that Alonso is unavailable

    Alonso is overrated and you should play Mascherano. If Rafa stops rotating your squad then you might have a chance for the title BUT it doesn't look like it.

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    • This whole rotation debate is pissing me off. Everyone of the top managers rotates his team. You can argue that you disagree with the line up for a particular match but to state that you would like to see the same line up all season (for 60 odd matches) is ridiculous.
      In fact I remember someone posting a link to a good article that showed rafas rotations compared to SAFs in the last two seasons, and surprise surprise they were equal.
      Liverpools problem in the past has been that when we felt we had to rotate , the players coming on were of considerably weaker quality, but now that isnt the case. I agree with keeping the core of the team as consistant as possible (i.e. when fit reina, carra, gerrard, torres) but apart from that, the whole squad should be used wisely, i.e whose fit, whose tired, whose doing well in training, whose appropriate for the opposition.