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  • Is it just me! Or is anyone else sick & tired of all the negativity being banterd around,for gods sake were only 6 games into the new season & Rafa & the team are getting stick,were still unbeaten & still not conceded a goal in open play.Look at our last 3 games POMPEY away not an easy place to go but came away with a point, PORTO away, for me an exellent result to get a point considering there pedigree in the CL,then Birmingham always been one of our bogey teams,so to all you doom & gloom merchants out there back off & get behind the manager & the team

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    • Great post totally agree. We all need to be behind the lads and ignore Parsley & Sage and other no marks.

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      • While i fully support Liverpool FC and Rafa, i have just found the last week and 1/2 puzzling in terms of team selction for the premier league games.

        0-0 at pompy is a good result, but it was the manner in which we played, we were lucky to get out there with a draw

        and Brum, even if they are our bogey team, we should still be beating them at Anfield, the fact that we harldy mustered any clear cut chances says it all. Any one who lives local that went the game or listened to it knows that Rafa got the team badly wrong on sat.

        How can you have £20m striker sitting on the bench for two weeks running when a) he is in form and b) rested and ready to go at Home against a team that may well be relagated?

        But as you say it is not all doom and gloom, we are better off than we have been in the last two seasons but it could off and shoulf of been so much better..

      • There is a convenient little 'IGNORE' tab.... P-S has managed to instigate many responses, not least from me, but we can all sit here talking about how he should be ignored then take his bait! Surely the day has come for all of us to click on the button and not respond to any of his posts, He'll be on sometime today and probably spout more negativity, he'll call all true Liverpool supporters for everything and end up with one of the highest subscribed posts on the board again.... JUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON, JOIN ME, AND IGNORE THE FOOL. He'll soon get bored of chatting to his fake ID's if he gets no response!

    • i agree, we started better than expected.

      we all know that there a few IDs that only post negative comments, they are not LFC fans, so just ignore them.

    • Looking at all the doom and gloom ,I'm really wondering how many of these so called suporters actually go to the games.If its as many as try and make you believe we don't need a new 65,000 seater but closer to a 500,000 seater ground.As has been said by many pundits before the EPL is a marathon not a sprint and although results have been not as I would like lets get behind the Manager and the team because two EPL games ago we were on for one of our best starts to a season for many a year.AS for P & S ,I think the words missing are all wind and PiSs,because thats all hes posting so far(elete circle of 2 as his buddy JOSE is no longer in his rubber room with him)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right with you. Are we where I'd like to be? No, would prefer we were top, and have to admitt we missed a couple opportunities at Pompy and the Brum game. Are we better than I had expected before the season began? Yes, we've had a decent start, and feel we can regain the form we had in the first few games.

      Long way to go, and think we will be in the running right to the finish

    • well said, liverpool football club and its fans have a history of sticking it out and looking back to when we won the champ lge final 3-0 down at half time and the fans kept singing and inspired the players on to win

      even that geordie piece from girls aloud who's married to ashley cole has said liverpool fans keep singing to the end and our the best

      6 games played and undefeated 11 goals scored which is the second highest in the league and 2 goals conceded (both pens) which is tied lowest in the league with man ure

      so lets get behind the team 100%