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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Sep 25, 2007 01:39 Flag

    Expect Arsenal to be top for a while......

    There's been a lot of talk about what a great start Arsenal have had, and I've got admitt I was surprised. However I heard they had a light fixture list so far, so checked it out on line, and the facts do back this up. In addition, it looks like that light schedule will continue until the end of October:

    Fulham at home - win
    Blackburn away - tie
    Man City at home - win
    Portsmouth at home - win
    Spurs away - win
    Derby at home - win

    Fact is they've only played one game in the league outside London, which is the tie. In all compititions they only have one away win (Sparta). So why is everyone so impressed?

    Looking forward, it does not get much harder:

    West Ham away - 29 Sept
    Sunderland home - 7 Oct
    Bolton home - 20 Oct

    Its not until the end of October that they leave London for a game again, when they come to us, and then have the Mancs the following week.

    So enough of the wonderful Gunners. Yes they have had a good run, and others (including us) have slipped on games we should have won, but they've yet to be tested. So long as we keep pace, November could be a very cold month for those in North London. And, as they say, its a very long season.


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    • Actually I posted a compliment to Arsenal as they had done better than I had expected. Not sure that's the same thing.

    • why don't you recognize that dsteer was absolutely correct in his prediction?

      you chose to take it on him, eventhough the evidence is 100% with dsteer; my friend, you are the one looking as a fool.

    • aren't you the fella that posted an apology on the arsenal board for getting it all wrong, why change of tune suddenly again?

      maybe you should recheck your thread on the arsenal board first to see what you posted.

    • Actually think the predictions were not so bad. Back when I wrote this some Arse fans were talking about running away with the title. But fact is you've been caught by the Mancs, and have both Chelsea, Man C and us not that far behind in your rear view mirror.

      You've done better than I expected, and I believe if you'd care to know, I said as much on the Arsenal board. But you've certainly not run away with anything, and there are at least 5 teams who could catch you.

      Come back again come new year to see if I've done any better this time round if your really worried about my ability to predict match outcomes. If i keep this up, Sky I'm sure will be calling soon!

    • Why any AFC fan shouldn't take this JOKER's predictions seriously.........

      dsteer doesn't seem to have a good knowledge about his football results prediction.

      was woefully off-target before with his predictions and will be proven so again by Jan.

    • Fair post dsteer, though I think the Hammers will test them. They were their bogey team last year, and have improved considerably......an unknown quantity, especially at Upton Park.

    • Whether you're drawn at home or away isn't the issue here, the real issue is you MUST try to win all your fixtures home and away. FYI, every team has 38 games (19 home and 19 away matches in equal measure) to win the league. Stating that a team has an easy ride is very LAUGHABLE and devalues your post as a spurned Scouser looking for excuses after getting carried away with your team's early table-topping antics. What most of the scousers forgot is it's not over till it over and the league isn't won 3 games in.

      Most fans tipped Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool as the favourites this season while Arsenal were ruled out as not even belonging to the top 4 and would lose its CL status to Spurs. Everyone has forgotten that Arsenal were the only team which has been in the top flight for more than 80 years in the English league and have never dropped out of the top division unlike Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool. We have also won the league 3 times in the last decade. We've got a manager who knows his stuff in and out and is better than most.

      Manchester United have had the following home fixtures:Reading, Spurs and Sunderland, but struggled even with their favourite billing. In addition they had a derby with City less than 10 miles from OT but struggled too performance-wise. Chelsea had Birmingham, Blackburn and Pompey at home but struggled against these teams considered lower tiered team by most. It is about taking your 3 points whether home or away whichevevr team you played.

      Instead of looking for holes why your overrated team isn't performing as you lot had hope you should do the decent thing and give credit where it's due.

      FYI, Everton your next door neighbour came to North London and took all the 3 points at stake, what does that say about your conspiracy theory of why one team is doing well and others aren't. Also Pompey went to Blackburn and got all the 3 points on offer. Does it make any sense to you now that every team has 19 home and 19 away matches and the order of fixture doesn't guarantee points. Its performance which does, that more than you can say about your lads' showing against Birmingham last Saturday and Pompey a week earlier.

      Weather Forecast: The coldest this Xmas and January time in the South this season than previous seasons hence Scousers should get ready for a rough time in the South.


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      • damp, if you going to start a war between LFC & AFC then you better be prepared for it. I'll rip you a new one and on you board too. rooonaldo is just an amateur compared to me boy.

      • Dave, already replied to you on the Arsenal board, but think your getting a little defensive. My point was I think the press, like always, is over hyping you in order to get a story. Fact is you've not been tested yet. That does not mean you won't come out on top when you do face a little tougher opponent away from home, or have to wonder outside the M25.

        I'm not an Arsenal hater, so don't really appreciate the temprature of your reply. I personally thought it would take you at least another season before you would challenge, and I'm still not sure you've got the staying power, but the proof will come next year.