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    Name: Adam
    Location: Australia
    Benitez is a pretentious jerk who thinks his policy makes him look good if he loses. People simply say liverpool are really good and that if they had their best team they would win. The point is Liverpool are not that great and Benitez can NEVER admit being wrong. Not once has he ever admitted to making a mistake (that i can re-call) Surely he is in the TOP 5 WORST COACHES in the premier league. I have followed liverpool for 12 years and i have hated him even when he won the champions league. I think he is hopeless and will continue to be hopeless cause he leaves his best players out for premier league games and then plays them in the carling cup. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! I HOPE YOU GET SACKED IN THE COMING MONTHS!

    Name: Nigussie
    Location: Adiss Ababa
    I don't understand the work of benitez because he forget the cost of Torres,Gerrard,Kuyt and others .When he uses these players? He made mistakes in Portmouth and repeat in Birningham.Why he learn from Ferguson,wvengerand morrinho? They use always superstars.For example Roony play all the year except he is injured or penalized the same for Drgoba,Fabrigas,Ronaldo etc.I don't understand why benitez uses Torres all the time.Liverpool loses 4 points because of Benitez.

    Name: FOYA
    Location: TANZANIA
    I dont thing if it;s posible to win the title if he keeps with his policy of rotation.The most important thing he has to do is keeping up with the winning team and we as fans we wont be happy seeing Torres coming up from the bench.Me as a typical lfc fan i respect the coachs decition but some times he should be awaer of what the fans saying

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    • Why do I care what these people think? What about the millions who love Rafa you piri-piri eating turd!

    • Jose, no idea if these are real or not, but based on your previous posts I'd guess at best they are selective accounts to help you wind people up.

      Sure we all have a different view on Rafa, and the Brum game showed mistakes were made, both by Rafa, and those on the pitch who just did not get it done. But the same can be said of any team who slips on a banana like this. Does this mean you fire the manger, or give up all hope of the title, give it a rest. Look at the poor start from the Mancs. Sure we all took pleasure at thier discomfort, but we all knew it would not last. Same thing for Rafa and our mighty reds. 4th place, 4 points of the lead, unbeaten, no goals conceded in open play in league games. I think the future looks just fine.