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    "evil" rotation policy

    rafa is not alone

    real madrid's schuster is being criticized for his rotation policy, he lost 2 points on the road recently (against valladolid), and some "experts" are after him

    barca's rijkaard has been in similar situations, however, the players are fully behind him.

    interesting, while some self proclaimed "experts" will trash the rotation policy, most players will support it, including SG, however


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    • for any top player or club rotation is now part of the game last month steven gerrard travelled over 4,000 miles as well as playing matches, training and attending many press confrences this has to take its toll on anyone i know even when i am just a passanger travelling a long distance i feel tired afterwards

      so any player who wants to compete and win at the top level has to accept rotation will happen it happens at man utd, chavski and arsenil only certain journalists target certain clubs, players and managers when they discuss rotation

    • Got a feeling that those who believe rotation is necessary to compete over so many games in a season, will never convince those who see it as the best way to kill a prem title, so think I'll give up trying.

      Only way to settle it is to actually win a title under Rafa (which we will this year and or next), although I'm sure many will say that it happened despite the rotation policy.

      Personally I don't mind a difference of opinion, as that's what a message board is for, but for some (I stress some not all) critics of the policy it becomes the convenient scape goat when the performance is not at its best.

    • Comon the rotation issue has been done to death ever since Rafa took charge of our club lets just drop it now and see rotation as a necessary evil in the modern game of football.. players need to remain fit and sharp and whether or not we agree with rotation it does keep players fresh..