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    What is it you want?

    Posting this to try to get some debate. All the board is filled with right now is blame threads, or jibes from non Liverpool fans. Well sit down and ask what is it you really want from the season this year, and then think how do we get there.

    - I've seen plenty of threads stating they hate rotation

    - Seen plenty of threads stating we should pick our best 11, and stick with them only

    - Seen plenty of threads saying the prem is the most important, so stuff the cups, including CL

    - Seen plenty of threads saying some players are marginal and should be sold immediatly (I suppose you mean in Jan)

    There were obviously many problems last night, but if you try to boil things down, there are two possibilities from the managers point of view.

    First, he got it horribly wrong, with bad team selection, bad preparation, and a loss in judgement to try to fix things early during the game by subsituting underperforming players. In which case P&S is right, Rafa will never come good, so we might as well dump him now, and look for a new manager - Jose maybe?

    Or Second, through the rotation policy he fielded a weaker squad in order to rest other players for the big League games coming up (Spurs, Everton, and Arsenal). In which case while the result was disapointing, it should be accepted as it was not a high priority game.

    So, what do you want? Best 11 in all compititions? Best 11 in League games only? Rotate so we compete in all compititions? A new manager? Something else, my small footballing brain can't think of?

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    • Some interesting comments, and thanks for keeping it serious. While rotation maybe part of the problem, glad people on this thread are not using it as the easy excuse.

      Pako not being around could really be an issue. While I'm sure the team is physically fit, they just don't seem to be game ready. Flat, with no sense of urgency.

      Not sure going with a stable 11 is really realistic in both the league and CL. First off, that's a hell of a lot of games and fatigue will eventually hit the squad, most likely at the worst time. Second, I really think tactical changes are necessary. Some players are just better suited for different types of games, whether that's bring in Alonso for slick passing vs Javier for cruching tackles, or Crouch for an air game, or Kuyt for off the ball runing. Third, how do you keep the back up players motivated and game ready. There are not enough domestic cup games to do this, and if one of the 11 goes down, the back up will be lost if he's not played in a month or two.

      In terms of dumping the usual players (Crouch, Riise, Momo, etc) I think this is an overeaction. I don't think Crouch was that bad, but the service he got was awful. Granted Momo was way off and why he was not pulled I don't know. But he's a back up player now, so not sure its fair to say lets sell him when all he did is prove he's not the first (or even second) choice.

      Personally I think the bulk of the blame resides with the midfield players. They set the tempo of the game, and determine who controls the game. We lost on both counts. They also provided little to no good service to the strikers. Most balls forward were way to heavy, so you can't blame a striker for not netting when he's chasing balls going into touch. You can pin blame on individuals who had poor games last night, but think they all, including those who did not play, need to have a hard think about what is going on. Maybe the "Best Midfield in the country" label went to their heads, but they need to come down to earth, figure out the basics, and start performing soon.

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      • ..i accept that it is a lot of games..but...what else are they doing....rest and recuperation is so advanced these days...how did the previous Liverpool teams manage with a squad of 18/19/20 and one sub...it only becomes a problem if you are losing games..if you are chasing honours then i firmly believe its not ...its a mental issue...Souness nailed it when he said ''if i wanted to play only 40 games a year i would not have joined Liverpool..i'd have joined a club that that didn't win anything''....

    • I want Paco back... remember when Quiroz left United? they didn't really do much -- he came back and helped them to the league (along with the return of their dutch skills coach whose name eludes me for now)....
      I think his absence has contributed to our poor form along with two of our better passers (Agger and Alonso) being out.... Carragher is a fantastic defender but can't start the attack from the back in the same way agger can or even Alonso does when he drops back to pick up the ball...
      other than that I just hope they (th players) realise that they aren't more important then the club --- esp. Crouch at the moment...

    • i accept rotation is now part of the game and i still have full faith in raffa, momo had an awful game but as all liverpool fans know on his day he can perform with the best

      remember how he was in the charity shield aginst chavski

      i think the problem is not rotation but the preperation and as i have said before the loss of paco is causing a lot of damage and either a replacement needs to be found or paco should return

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      • We seem to play more like headless chickens than title contenders.

        Whether its Paco's departure, or rotation, or game preparation, or unsettled players, or Rafa's decision making etc etc, none of us can tell with an degree of certainty. I just want Liverpool to perform well, live up to their potential and have players that look like they are earning their wages at minimum.

        Personally, it looks like the fight has gone out of Liverpool. And the opposition know it!

      • ..i want us to mount a serious challenge for the EPL and the CL...i cannot for the life of me understand changing the team to such an extent ALL the time..yes form dips but not 5 players at the same time..the rest arguement really gets me annoyed..these players are so well looked after it's incredible..if they cannot cope with playing one game a week with the midweek CL thrown in then something's wrong...understanding needs to be developed..trust, communication, respect, the list goes on ..you cannot do this in training it has to be in game time...strongest team possible for both EPL and CL...if we then get turned over..fair enough...what really really winds me up is that we have now lost/drawn games with teams that are not our 'first choice'....'if only' is a phrase that i have tried to avoid during my sporting days as it can eat away at you...but at the moment 'if only' is eating away at me and i don't like it....