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  • don w don w Oct 5, 2007 20:56 Flag

    sissoko has got to go

    sissoko must be the worst passer of a ball ever

    he's got to go

    If Rafa picks him again
    he'll have to go too

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    • You know that's the problem with games like the other night. We all so desperatly want to turn the clock back, and think if we had just done this, or that it would have made a difference. We will never know if it would have made the difference, but I think its our frustration, and love for the club that just drives us like that.

      But really we need to move on, and get ready for the next game. Hopefully that's what Rafa is doing, and especially the players who really need to focus on Spurs and 3 points in the league.

    • Well, I guess we'll never know whether replacing Sissoko with Mascherano early in the 2nd half would have changed the entire game. Truth be told, Sissoko was terrible in that match, but I don't think he was the worst player that night. Replacing Leto and Crouch (for another striker) seems to be a more straightforward choice, and it didn't helped that Aureilo was injured and needed to be substituted too. Hence, I can truly comprehend why replacing Sissoko with Mascherano would be the last thing in Senoir Benitez's mind.

    • Respectivily I disagree Mighty. Your right that the wings were not getting any penetration. Seems to me Yossi was working hard, but just not on the form we've seen as late. Leto on the other hand was out of his depth. He's young, and I'm sure Rafa was trying to reward effort that he's seen in training, but he may need more time to develop the awareness to play regularly at first team level.

      I dissagree about Crouch. He seems to be the easy target these days, and maybe its all the press reports he's unhappy, which I personally dismiss as reporters trying to make a story out of anything. I've not seen him say anything outloud about being unhappy, but in fact the opposite. Sure he wants more playing time, but what player worth his salt does not. On the night I felt he worked hard. He was getting beaten up everytime the long ball came to him, and other than that decent service was non exisitent.

      But, the other breakdown that I saw in addition to no penetration from the wings, was a loss of control in the midfield. Stevie is not a holding midfielder, and never going to be the general who holds the ball up and distributes. This is where we really could have used Alonso. But, in his absence, I think Mascherano is our next best option. He may not have the long distance passing ability of Alonso, or the fluidity to his game, but he has superior technical ability to Momo. And, if we'd been able to win the first and second balls, got more controlled possesion in midfield, we might have been able to control the game better. This does not create the service the strikers needed so badly, but is the prerequisite. You can't penetrate from the center of the pitch, if you don't control the center. And we never controled the center after about 15 minutes into the game.

    • he had an awful performance but has been outstanding in most games he's played this year and was probably our best player against Barca last year.....
      You're entitled to your opinion but they seem a little reactionary to me....

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      • jk80jk

        Yes he has been outstanding in some games and has won MOM deservely how many of them have been played with Gerrard as his CM partner?

        But his passing is woefully lacking, we all knew it during the first season he was with us but we let it slide becauase of what else he have to the side. But 2 years on his passing hasnt improved one bit.

        Yes every player has a bad game now and again and it is up to the manager to reconise as soon as possible that players is having a nightmare and either rectify the situtation tatically or subsitute him. Which comes to the point that Rafa did neither.

    • Yes sissoko is having problems atm. But if im right i was reading weeks ago people praising him after his goal at sunderland. I thought he was one of our top performers in pre-season. I was at the game, he was shocking. He didnt pass the ball at all. He wins the ball, but then when he actually got it he might as well have been a Marseille player.

      Give him a chance. International break is soon. Hopefully we win against spurs and all the players can pull there fingers out!

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      • I'll give him another chance, but not in the next 3 league games (Spurs, Everton, Arsenal) they are just too critical. Also got a feeling its a bad pairing with Stevie. At the moment not sure we can trust Momo to be the anchor. He's just to inconsisent in bringing the ball out, and his passing is crap. He maybe a destroyer of the opposition midfield, but he's not showing the quality to bring it the other way right now.

        Maybe it was a bad night, but also think he maybe better paired with Alonso once he's back, like the Sunderland game. Maybe Alsonso is a calming influence, or maybe its the slick controlling game (that few give him credit for) works better than the charging game of Gerrard.