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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 8, 2007 21:17 Flag

    Benitez OUT!!!????

    Absolutly not. We have a patch of off form games and people want to panic. Fact is if we change managers now, you can kiss the Prem this, and most likely next year, while the new guy puts his system in place.

    Rafa has finally had the funds to assemble the squad he wants, give him at least to the end of the season to prove if he can deliver a prem title or not. If we are where we were last year, or worse, then yes, lets look for someone new, but until then, we've got nothing to loose, and everything to gain by sticking with Rafa.

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    • The idea of outing Benitez on the back of 2 precious points dropped is to me a spur of the moment thing and with hindsight may premature later on.

      YES, the team is off the pace on the pace-setters.

      YES, CL qualification matches have been a struggle this season and things looked dim at present.

      YES, there is no consistency in the team and rotation is being blamed by a cross section of kopites.

      YES, it's looking more unlikely that the team would be able to mount a serious challenge this season.

      YES, it seems to everyone that Rafa doesn't know his best 1st eleven players after 3 years at the helm hence the various permutations being tried by him.

      BUT, are there a suitable candidates out there who would carry the kopites' cannon and rich tradition of good football and win trophies playing to entertain the fans???

      In my unabised view as a gunner the answer is NO.

      Mercenary managers such as Jose Mourinho may be able to win the elusive EPL trophy for kopites but may well do so at a great costs to your club, are the scousers willing to sacrifice entertainment for boring no-brainer defensive shyte being professed by Jose in order to win the elusive title?

      And would the costs of attaining such league title justify the means. IMO, Jose won 2 EPL trophies in his time at Chelsea but as everyone knows it is tainted and valueless trophies due to the money Chelsea used to buy it. Even Mourinho had been disappointed that the EPL did not recognise his achievements of winning two league titles during his time in England, and why would they? Because, we all know that the title was bought with Roman's money.