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  • Robert Robert Oct 8, 2007 20:01 Flag

    Over rated Over paid & Over here

    Best start in the premier league for who?, certainly not the fans. Liverpool have been fortunate to get away with some of their results so far - lets see just how long the luck will last!!! I don't believe the team is capable of winning much if anything this season and as for strength in depth - well even with the big guns on display they don't strike any kind of fear into many sides both in the league or Europe. Rafa and his rotation. rotation, rotation - whats wrong with keeping with a winning combination and having to fight for the right to put a first team shirt on. We all know there are some great players available for selection but there are the hangers on as well - Kewell may have been ok in the past but isn't it time to pension him off along with all the other non performers - it must be great to be a superstar and get paid for doing zilch. There can be little or no excuses for failure this season - the Spanish revolution should put up or shut up and get out. Whatever happened to the days when we watched Liverpool with pride?, now I watch with a hope and a prayer - but not I fear for much longer.

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    • Four spanish players is not a revolution, when are people gonna stop repeating P&S.

      Four wins and Four draws is still ONE of the best starts we've had in the last few seasons, the problem is that we expect a better start (myself included).

      We have the quality to be performing much better than we have been in the last few games (only Agger and Xabi out atm and virtually the "first team" on display). There must be something in the background unsettling the players, no doubt we will find out in due course.

      Most of us were fans in the prosperous eighties and before, we looked in disbelief at how poor we were in the Ninties, we are now in a new decade and we've made huge inroads into reclaiming our former glory. We just need to keep the faith and that the next step we take will take us to the top again.

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      • eloader, I agree. Are we where we want to be or where we think we should be, no. Are we playing at the level we think we should be, no. But enough already. Does anyone think that rotation is the issue with yesterday's result. Rafa played Torres, do you think he should have been paired with Kuyt insteand of Voronin? We has the midfield everyone has been asking for with Stevie and Masch.

        Fact is we did not kill off the game early even though we had golden opportunities in the first half to go 2 or 3 goals up. We game them way to much space in the center, and game away control. And lastly, and nearly to our demise, we did not handle Berbatov. It was too long balls that Berbatov was able to flick on, and Keane expertly sniped into the back of the net.

        Blame Carra for not being good enough in the air to handle Berbatov. Blame Sami for not tracking down the opportunist Keane. Blame Stevie and Masch for giving up the control of the center. Or, blame Stevie, Torres, and Voronin for not putting away the great chances they were given. But, don't blame rotation or the so called Spainish revolution.

        Personally with about 10 mins left yesterday I thought maybe its better if we did lose, just to give the players a wake up call. That should have happened midweek, but obviously the lesson did not take. We've got the talent, but it seems we are not firing on all cylinders.