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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 8, 2007 23:34 Flag

    Over rated Over paid & Over here

    With respect, I don't know what rotation had to do with Sunday's game. He went with Voronin over either Kuyt (many persons first choice) or Crouch. I see this was a strategic pick, and it worked, with Voronin picking up a scrappy goal, coming close to a second, and playing well in setting up chances for both Torres and Stevie.

    Taking out players who you'd think would make the best 11 but are injured (Agger for sure, and Alonso possibly), who else did he rotate in or out who's not part of the most current 11, and also what most on this board have put forward as there prefered starting 11? The only other was starting Riise instead of Babel.

    So two changes, Riise for Babel, and Voronin for Kuyt. Not sure I'd call this extreme rotation.

    I think if you look objectivily we are actually keeping a fairly consitent core to the team, if you take out changes due to injuries, or the Carling Cup games. Reina in goal, defense line is fairly consistent. Stevie in the center. Yes the front pairing has had the most changes, but Torres has gotten the nod more often that not, which is what everyone has been calling for. Personally I think Rafa has been shielding him a little (maybe too much) so he gets used to the league. So I'd expect he's actually going to get more regular playing time as the season progresses.

    In terms of moving up the table, I agree, that should be the aim, but in all honesty, while I'm not happy to be in 4th, with 6 points between us and the leaders, that really is not bad, and with a game in hand will all teams in front of us but Arsenal, really not a bad place at all to be in. If this is where we are with mediocre form, or an unsettled squad, or whatever the latest excuse is, then I'm fairly confident on where we will be once the performances start to pick up again.

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    • ..its not the changes for Sunday that i focused on but the changes previously...especially up front..before Sunday our defence was top class...it's the wide right/left and the two up top that i feel need more game time together...whoever Rafa feels are first choice here need to play on a regular basis to build that understanding....