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  • MATTHEW MATTHEW Oct 11, 2007 20:37 Flag

    Assistant Managers

    with all the talk about the loss of paco and the need for a new number 2 what is it that assistant managers actually do?

    the training can be run by the coaches, so is having an assistant essential?

    i have read biogs on shankley and paisley whilst paisley was shanks number 2 players with problems would talk to him instead of going direct to the boss especially if they were injured as shankley often ignored injured players and focused on the team

    just wondered what everyone thinks

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    • Maybe the role of Assisant Manager is to take over whn the manager is ill also to formulate tactics. then bring them to the manager ..

    • I think having a number 2 allows for a better man management style. Like your post says, and other reports have indicated, the number 2 is often closest to the player. The boss has to make tough decisions, some of which will not make players happy. In Rafa's case, or in fact any club with a big squad where not everyone is going to play each week, and therefore not always be happy, its useful to have a go between. Call it good cop, bad cop, or whatever.

      Now the players should be proffesional and not need hand holding many will argue, but in the dynamic if human nature having someone you can go to talk things out, someone you feel is the players friend, is helpful. I'm not sure a skills coach can fill that role. Also the number 2, while being the friend of the player, is also directly involved in decision making, as the boss's right hand man. Again that's bigger than a coaches role.