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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 21, 2007 21:11 Flag

    Can we all agree Gerrard and Malouda dived?

    ....and move on.

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    • ..pad, let me enlighten you somewhat further..........unless the ´foul´
      ....as for goodison being hostile....no different to any other place, check out you tube to see reds and blues jumping up and down, in the same seating areas.

    • Exactly I agree, when a playerr is through on goal and is being tugged or jossled it is the refs job to decide whether or not to stop the game or allow the chance to continue. The argument that it is a freekick doesnt wash because it was not one continuos foul but several fouls. The referee didnt blow for the fouls outside the area but did blow for the entirely separate foul which brought down the player (or caused him to fall over) inside the box.

    • disagree

      try running at full speed, then have someone gently tap your one of your knees as you run... watch what happens

    • Persistant tugging outside of the box was a foul but since gerrard kept going then advantage would be given to the attacking side, as soon as gerrard is tripped or "fell over hibbert" in the box, then it becom,es a penalty. FACT.
      And yes i did keep quiet at the match as Goodison is a hostile and potentially violent ground on derby day, unlike at anfield where I have seen evertonians mingle (with shirts on) without anything but banter being thrown at them.

    • .....and did you call all those Evertonians tits or dd you keep ya gob shut, like you said you would..??...huh............??

      learn the rules and then comment, lala fell o ver hibbert in the box, there was no trip, check the replays.............the foul was for Hibbert on Gerrard, fact.............its not my opinion, mate......nor should it be yours.............facts are facts and the rules state the offence took place outside the box, you´ve admitted that...........then admit thats a freekick, NOT a penalty....your speculation for some other event INSIDE the box, is irrelevant..............get over it , FREEKICK...........another boob by clattenburg, thats all..........

      .......if your unable to back your argument up alone and look for the other 99% of people you claim agree, then they dont know the rules either, ill stand up and say so...............know the rules, then you can have an informed comment and debate............otherwise its just your opinion, which in itself is fine, im not arguing that, just dont say its a penalty.........when it isnt.

    • No sean...hibbert was tugging his shirt outside the box but gerrard kept going and the foul was given for the contact i.e the trip IN the box. It was a penalty as 99% of all who watched it will know. You are welcome to your biases though, I suppose the second one wasnt a penalty either, and everton should have won the game 5-0 despite having one shot on target all game. Im used to such an attitude, I was surrounded at the match by similar evrton fans as you who disputed both penalties and every freekick given to liverpool, whilst calling for freekicks and cards every time arteta threw himself on the floor.

    • maybe red and blue glasses are the way forward. We can see everything 3-Dimensional glorious techicolour. woohoo

    • Sean, glad your trying to look at this in an objective way. I'll agree where the orginal foul began is in question, and if Gerrard had gone down as soon as he felt the tug, it most likely would have been a free kick on the edge of the box. But if a player tries to fight through an obstuction like that, should he be awarded the foul were he can no longer make progress, or where the foul began?

      Maybe there are red and blue colour glasses out there in trying to decide whether he dived or not. Personally I don't think it was a dive. But the fact is he could not get in a position to take a shot due to the player hanging off his shirt. Eiether way you look at that, pulled down, or fell down, a player being impedded while in the box (even if the pulling started out side the box) is a pen.

    • hell of a good reflex save. I agree.

    • everyone knows if gerrard runs into the box at speed he's going to do one thing and one thing only.

      hit the floor with arms outstretched and a pained look on his face looking for a pen off the ref.

      he used to be a hard tackler until someone told him he would get more benefit from diving.