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  • Enough! Enough! Oct 25, 2007 19:44 Flag

    Please Mr Mourinho, save us...!

    How much longer are our new American friends going to give Benitez to destroy our club? How many more useless results are they going to allow this idiot? How much longer are they going to let him destroy the morale' of a potentially great team with his ridiculous 'airhead' strategies? Benitez is the wrong man for Liverpool. I have said that from day one, and I stand by it. One of the best managers ever is free and available. Why don't the board sack this useless 'dead -weight,' send him back to Spain and beg Jose' Mourinho to consider taking on the Liverpool job? Imagine how well Jose' would do with the financial backing we now have, and with as little interference from the board as Benitez has enjoyed! I think we'd win EVERYTHING!

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    • Well as far as Rafa was concerned it was a business proposition to buy Heinze it was Fergie who kicked up a fuss I bet if he'd have sold Heinze to someone like West Ham because they're not considered a rival. But because it was Liverpool Fergie made such a fuss..

    • Well Mourinho has a clause in his contract that forbids him for working 4 a premier league club for at least a yr I believe. Then again would Jose want to work at Liverpool?

    • Its almost like he's being forced out! and, as we all known, Crouchie can score when his confidence is up. The only problem is we can become a little "route 1" with him in the side. When what we should be doing is mixing the play up so we arn't as obvious.

    • I totally agree with you Jibbs. And I for one welcome friendly rivalry. I am a thru and thru Liverpool fan, but can totally respect Man utd's acheivements in past years and wish we had similar success in recent years. With regards to us winning the CL because of Rafa; I'm afraid I'm of the opinion we won it DESPITE Rafa! I think the only reason we won that trophy and the FA cup the year after was because of Steven Gerrard. The man is all heart and passion, and I very sadly believe Rafa is squeezing the passion out of him and the rest of our team. Thoughts?

    • Listen to this folks, because it is complete sense, and coming from a Manc! (no disrespect Jibbs, just pointing out that even rival fans can see what Rafa cannot!)

      Tell me who wasn't incensed that Crouch, with his exceptional goal scoring record for us in Europe, didn't even start on Wednesday night? As if that was't bad enough, Rafa only gave him 8 minutes to try and salvage something for us!

      It was obvious by half time that Voronin/Kuyt wasn't working. But stubborn Rafa never makes changes at half time, unless his hand is forced by injury!

      Crouch deserves better than he is getting IMHO. Rafa just seems determined to give Voronin a go ahead of him, almost like he's pushing his own agenda rather than thinking what's best for the team!

      OK that call might be a bit of a reach.......

    • I understand that certain fans show hatred towards Liverpool fans, and vice versa.

      But, we are not all the same.

    • You don't have to be abusive Jibbs, it's just the norm more often than not. And it goes both ways, there are tools from this side who love nothing more than to go over to the Manc board and make constant tits of themselves, bringing disrepute to the rest of LFC fans who, as you suggest, rise above it.

      Personally, I rarely contribute to the Manc board for that exact reason, it's all just stupid slanging with fake id-ers and idiots from over here claiming to be LFC fans. If there was a bit more sensible football discussion, even more so with rival fans - how much better would it be?

      But as an open forum, it's impossible to control.

    • f**k right off...

    • I would do so, if I ever got to see him!!!

      If Liverpool fans assume that all posts written on these boards by Man U fans are pizz take or a means to insult you, then you are wrong.

      Not all of us are like that.

      I only came on to give an honest opinion and read the thoughts if Liverpool fans regarding lastnights performance.
      Did not know that I have to be abusive and sarcastic in my opinions towards Liverpool fans.

    • Jibbs, I'd advise you to repeat the same to Alex Ferguson - "Its only a game and not life".

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