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  • John John Oct 25, 2007 21:06 Flag

    Please Mr Mourinho, save us...!

    There is one thing that I think is missing from this thread, and is a fairly big point.

    If Maureen wanted to manage Liverpool, he would have to hand back the majority of his £20m pay-off from Chelsea.

    Personally I don't think he's that stupid, nor Liverpool that rich that they would cover the fee.

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    • There was a post on here just after he left Chelsea saying that the £20mil payoff doesn't cover him being number 2 at a club. Which is one way he could do it....not that I want him here anyway ;o)

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      • Well he wouldn't play second fiddle to Abramovich, so I can't see him doing it with anyone else. LOL

        Liverpool's performance last night reminded me of Englands performance in Russia. Should have won it, had the ball enough, but couldn't find the answers to why they weren't winning. To my mind, the blames lies at Rafa's doorstep. He should be guiding them in the direction they needed to go to get the result. He didn't.