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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 30, 2007 23:29 Flag

    Why are some people calling for Rafa's head?

    Because he rotates when he does'nt need to,example:
    Does'nt play Torres against Birmingham or Pompy till it's to late but plays him in the Carling cup against Reading.
    Constant rotation confusing players because they don't know who they are playing alongside next.
    Man mangement skills piss poor as confidence is well down and he can't pick it up,telling you that Paco was a huge influence on the staff and players.
    His tatics against marsille and baksitas(spelt wrong) where piss poor considering he is a Master Tactican.
    No excuses saying injuries, we have one of the biggest squads in the prem if not the biggest so there is no shortage of players.
    Buying players like Lucas 5 million and Babel 11.6 million who he hardly plays.
    Face it Rafa is losing it and will never bring us the prem.
    fantastic manager in european games(except for this season) but can't figure out how to achieve in the prem.

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