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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 31, 2007 00:33 Flag

    Why are some people calling for Rafa's head?

    Sean, think your asking the right questions. Although I'd term it "is he capable" rather than deserve.

    There is no doubt he has what it takes to win silverware. Some like to discount it as flukes, or on the backs of great individual players, but he's been consistent in Spain, and now here. You could argue 05 was not his team so he got lucky, but getting back to the final in 07, and the FA cup were his achievements with his squad. The question is can he translate that into a run for the title, which requires consistent performance.

    I'll be honest I really don't know the answer. I can understand the many who've questioned Rafa's ability, and have sympathy with many of their arguments. But its just for me too early to decide. Xmas would be the earliest for me, but more likely need until end of Jan or into Feb, which is when I think champions are made.

    I never expected a title this year, but of course hoping for it. But I am expecting to know if Rafa is capable of achieving that goal by the end of this season. If he can stay in the hunt until late in the season, then I think he will and should be around next season. With a couple more additions, and the experience the new players this year will have gained over the season, then I'll set the bar that little bit higher on first place. But if he cannot prove he's got what it takes to challenge this year, then it will be time to look around for other options.

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    • dsteer, you're right.

      I feel a lot of fans feel that a new manager will automatically win us the EPL. It may do, but not instantly. You've got to give them time to build and by time I mean 5 years.

      I think people watched Maureen do what he did at Chelsea and think that could happen to us. What they're forgetting is the Russain Billionaire who backed him. Only one team has that.

      It took Ferguson 7 years to win his first title Manure!