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  • Sly Sly Oct 31, 2007 23:36 Flag

    Everyone post their best 11



    Finnan Carragher Agger Riise

    Gerrard Alonso

    Babel Kewell

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    • Since this I assume includes players currently injured (including Agger, etc), and assumes they are playing to form (including Riise), so can't argue that it looks a good line up. But, and maybe I'm a bit conservative, I'd rather see Torres partner up so the attack does not get one dimensional, so would go with 4-4-2:

      Finnan Carra Agger Aurelio
      Pennant Gerrard Mascherano Kewell
      Torres Kuyt

      But in reality we are injury hit, and not in form so realistically I think our best available right now is:

      Finnan Carra Hypia Riise
      Yossi Gerrard Masch Babel
      Crouch Kuyt

      I know eveyone has now fallen in love with 4-3-3, and its not that I don't like it, but just don't think it works for every game. For me its great to crowd out the midfield (in essence its 4-5-1) or when you opponent has a weak midfield and you feel secure in being able to really press on a consistent basis. For this I'd go with:

      Finnan Carra Hypia Riise
      Gerrard Masch Lucas
      Yossi Crouch Babel

      Think Lucas is ready (or close) and can give a lot more than Momo can. Also with Masch in the line up, really don't need Momo.

    • Reina

      Arbeloa Carragher Agger Riise

      Mascherano Alonso


      Babel Kewell

    • Would change Babel and put in Yossi but bar that spot on.

    • Bang on the money mors, I wouldn't change a single player in that set up.

      I've always been an advocate of 4-3-3, but only with genuine wide attacking threats up front (ie NOT Kuyt and Voronin). Personal bias aside, I maintain that a humming, fit and in-form Kewell is one of the brightest left wing talents in the EPL, along with Giggs and Joe Cole. Babel likewise is young and from what I've seen of him, has pace to burn out wide.

      Probably the only change I'd make would be to formation, swapping Masch and Alonso around. I think Alonso needs to be at the hub of the midfield, with his defensive qualities and also his passing and link-up ability. Stevie right side of a narrow MF and Masch on the left of it.

      Defense - no arguments there.

      That is not a bad 11 if you look at it. Problem is keeping them all fit and on the park together for as long as possible! And stopping Rafa from faffing around with it as well (unnecessarily!)

    • This is the best 11 for what game?