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  • navysealsrule navysealsrule Nov 4, 2007 02:24 Flag

    tonights match

    ABSOLUTLEY PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • ´er lotion.............it´d be funny if we knocked you out in the knockout stages.........

      seriously, do u think u really need to win the next 3 euro games to go through, given the current formbook, thats unlikely............

      ....now let me starta thread on Everton winning 4 games, in 10 days.............not bad huh???

      oh, ps.......cahill AND Vaughn back...........happy days.

    • Rafalution, I'm sorry, I try to be respectful, but I just don't understand how you go from being one of the most optimistic supporters on this board, not just of Rafa, but the players he brought in, to being able to see no positives or light at the end of the tunnel at all. I know your frustrated, as many are, but is it really that bad?

    • The fact is dsteer the way we are playing we will be bloody lucky to get ina uefa cup spot at the end of the season never mind competing for the title.

    • Sean, I suppose it comes down to having a little faith, or at least giving it a little time to see if faith is still warrented. I've never said we would win the prem this year, but did think we would be in contention till late in the season. Saturday we did not look like a prem winning team, or even a challenging team if you look at performance. But we are still in contention being only 6 points off the pace. It may have been ugly, it may have been boring, but getting the same result at Blackburn as the current table leader is not a bad result. And if we can stay in touch I'll keep the faith.

    • dsteer, you ability to analyse a situation is comendable, but mate, convince yaself all you want, but please, save it on me..............

      Blackburn should have beaten you, the posts save you and i dont recall muchin the way of Liverpool deserving to win the game..

      Its a throw away statement on here, from so many people.....we will come good, fatlad will get it right........WHEN..............WHEN

      you fail to see the signs on the oitch in the last 5 games, that it wont come good, he isnt getting it right and he admitted that too....
      i admire your support, but be realistic, where is the performance everyone ether craves or predicts coming from, this is key matter??

    • Sean, I think we should have beaten them, and also think our performance was bad. But I'm not going to get on the bandwagon that the sky is falling.

      By your logic, Liverpool not beating Blackburn means we are not a title contender, and no longer have the big club mentality. So is the same true for Arsenal, who also split the points at Ewood park? Are they not a big club? Are they not real contenders this year?

    • sean we where lucky to walk away with a point.
      We made shit look good.

    • i think the point there was, you would be expected to take all points from blackburn................but playing like that, not a chance.

      So much for the big club mentality.......if you cant beat Blackburn away, how can you win the EPL, or get closer.
      Fine any team can come unstuck against a good Blackburn team, but they know their place, Liverpool i think now need to accept there´s.
      4th slot and no better..

    • The performance was not up to standard, agreed. But we got the same result traveling to Blackburn as Arsenal. So why is this such a turd for us? Missed chance to make up points considering the other results this weekend, but really don't think it smelt that bad.

    • The fact is we played like somthing you could'nt polish against Blackburn.

      A TURD.

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