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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2007 00:32 Flag

    ............Accept it..............

    ...your a 4th slot team and no more.........

    face facts, even with your current position in the league, your football is atrocious.

    The ´´we are a big club´´ mentality has only come about cos everyone else was playing crap.
    Now there is more money around and some good, up and coming younger and dare i say British managers, that can grind out results and take points off the ´´big 4´´, you have been found wanting......

    Its showing Liverpool up, the playing field might be evening out somewhat in the middle of the table and Liverpools place is , quite rightly being drawn into it.

    The gap at the top 3 is getting higher, your not keeping place with it, ponts aside.....they are fully into their stride now, your not..... and those below you are catching quite easily..

    Accept it, Fatlads BIG words are coming back to bite him.
    fFce it, even with a full strength team, whatever that is for LFC who knows, your still way off the mark.
    More chance of mid table medicrocy than challengeing for the title...................thats plain to see by the football you are playing........

    ....only being honest......................honest.

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    • What qualifies you as a football forecast analyst? If LFC were such losers why do you bother to write this crap? Obviously, you get your jollies trying to get Liverpool fans to agree with your very anti Liverpool opinions. This won't happen here.
      LFC Forever!

    • Yeah, you're being honest Sean, with a healthy dose of anti-LFC bias thrown in as well!

      I will jump on your bandwagon if
      - we are out of the title race by Xmas, or
      - we finish a distant 3rd or 4th at the end of this season.

      As it stands though, we've ground out results in some difficult fixtures. I've been berating the performances almost as much as you Sean, but facts remain that if we win our game in hand, we are level with Chelsea and just 3 point behind the Mancs - despite all their crowing about being invincible blah blah blah.

      Our failures in Europe are a worry. But if we get knocked out there, at least we can get a proper look at Rafa's premiership pedigree without the distractions of Europe. And if that delivers us nothing more than a 4th place finish this year, then I'll agree - UNDER RAFA, we are a 4th slot team.

      But I'm not gonna go there yet, much as you'd like us all to.....

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      • come on be fair, who said i was anti-lfc..........i said all the other teams where crud, including my own.....

        Just cos the days of Craig johnston perms are long gone and your still wearing it, dont take it out on me...........

        ....or is it we´ve got the best Aussie in Europe playing for us.......???

      • Some of what Sean is saying does have at least some truth to it. The gap between mid table teams and those at the top has closed. Mid table teams have been able to get results when the top teams have been just slightly below par. Chelsea, Man U, and us have seen this so far. Even Arsenal dropped points at Blackburn.

        And, your conclusions maybe right, but cannot be proven for quite a while yet. If at the end of the season we are struggling to keep a CL spot, then I'll say you were right, and baring really unusual circumstances, I'll be calling for Rafa's head. But after 11 games, just way to early to come to any conclusion.

        My biggest fear this season was that we had the squad to challenge, but would have our usual slow start which would give us too much of a hill to climb. When you realize how many new players were coming in, this was a real concern. But in many ways having a flying start made things worse. We looked like contenders who just ran out of steam, so now even our own fans are writing us off. But while form has deserted us, grinding out results has not.

        If we are still playing with our current form come January when hopefully we have key players back, and we are not at least keeping pace, I'm sure I'll be questioning Rafa's wisdom, but right now with form off, key players out, we are still in contention. So I'm going to keep the faith.