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    Rafa to BAYERN... YES!!!


    Well kop-ites i'm sure MANY will agree with me that our chance to rid the club of RAFA has finally come with news that German giants BAYERN MUNICH want the fat zorro to manage them (as incredible as it is)!

    This to me is a win-win situation because the German league is much better suited to Benitez's bore-draw defensive football than the EPL whilst the club is big enough to tempt rafa away. I think you'll all agree that under Rafa we will never win the Prem as he just doesn't know how to deliver for us ahead of Arse and the Mancs.

    So, what say you my fellow kop-ites.. i say let RAFA go to Bayern so we can get back on track with how LFC used to be...


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    • ..'' i am really happy with my club supporters fans squad and city. I intend to be here for a long time.''
      Rafa today......

    • Seems to me we have had some spit emotions of late when it comes to Rafa that really go into one of 3 opinions:

      Faithful: Those who believe he can still deliver the prem if not this season, but in the very near future, even if some are having some doubts

      Losing Faith: Those who believed in Rafa, but are having a serious think about his ability to deliver the prem. Will admitt he's a great manager, and he can, and has delivered silverware, but not sure he can do it in the EPL, which is what they crave the most. Most of these people are willing to give Rafa some time to prove them wrong, or to hang himself. Most give him between Jan and the end of the season.

      Non Believers: Two groups here, a few who never believed in Rafa. Whether it was Rotation, or zonal marking (still unwilling to admit our fine record against corners on this one), and attribute cup successes we've had during Rafa's tenure to either luck, and or the ability of a single player. The other group, may have believed, but have now lost all hope and want Rafa out at any price. Think he'll never deliver what we want most, the Prem.

      I'll let each of you decide which group your in, but if Rafa does go to Munich, just remember the consequence: highly unlikely LFC will win the prem for at least 2-3 more seasons. Unless a new manager is given unlimited funds (ala Chelsea). Owners have proven they have money, but not in the same league as Roman.

      There is only two ways Rafa heads for Germany, one he's pushed by the owners, which is possible, but not likely until at least the end of the seaon, but more likely the end of next season depending on results. Or, the fans call for his head, and he concludes what he saw in Liverpool that made is a special club beyond all others (its fans) was no longer there, so he might as well go and do a professional job at just another big club.

      So, I guess its up to you!

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      • My loyalty lies with Rafa. I'd get frustrated no matter who was in charge, and lets be honest...RAfa has brought some REALLY GOOD players to this club, Alonso, Garcia, Torres, Reina, Agger, Mascherano to name but a few. OK there are a few duds...the biggest that he is sticking by whom the jury is out on as far as I'm concerned being Kuyt and Sissoko. I'm also worried by rumours (but they are only rumours) of Crouch and Riise being offered for sale.
        We are unbeaten in the lge, we aren't playing well and we are in touching distance of the leaders..he needs MORE TIME!!!!

    • But surely P1ss & Sh1t Bayern could go for someones advances footballing brain of........oh I dont know, say Martin Jol.

      What do you think eh............DISCUSS!

    • Do you honestly think he'll go to Bayern?

      i think Rafa's doing an okay job. Could be better but oh well. He knows whose the best team in the world is and it ain't Liverpool!!

    • As usua more rubbish spouted!

      Rafa is so far heading in the right direction.

      We have had players out injured, players by their own admission not plaing at the top of their game, and yet we still remain unbeaten in the league, we have drawn games we would have lost in past seasons, we are still (ok only justin the champions league) in contention in all 4 trophies we are playing for this season.

      We have a class goalkeeper, who has proven season upon season that he is class and he is lso improving.

      We have been missing potentially one of the best central defenders in the world for the last 14 games, we have had our midfield decimated by injury, and our star goalscorer out injured for long periods.

      OK I am still to be convinced by rotation, yet, we have already seen in the last three games, that, towards the end of the game, we are still pushing forward and looking forgoals, hen the opposition have been tiring, but for some great defending and goalkeeping or maybe a bit of luck, we would have beaten Blackburn, and been sat in third place in the table breathing hard on the necks of the pace setters, yet we are still only two results behind last seasons champions, with a game in hand.

      We have players returning to the team, Agger, Torres, Kewel, players who have to start playing if they want to stay and be part fo the future, Riise, Kewel, Kuyt etc.

      We have boguht young players for the future, a well as some for now, who will still be there inthe future....

      Managers need time to get their ok ethics, and ideas in place.

      Argubly we have only had money to back the plans from the summer, now we should be able to not settle for second best....

      People demand success, yet they forget it took the Arrogant Scot and the Frenchman several seasn to experience any success let alone the league title......

      We should not judge our manager until the end of this season at least, realistically the end of next season.

      People calling for Rafas head, seem to forget that it ill take a new manager fter searching for the right one, time to settle in get his work ethics and tactics across, and get the players he wants in.

      Back in the days of Shanks, Paisley, Dalgleish, we could go and buy players if we needed them at any time in the season, not two windows in January and the summer break.

      People moan about winning with style, well yes, but all these things come with time and if you look at the statistics of attempts on goal, in our last few matches, we are it seems quite an attacking team.....

      So in answer to the OP Rafa to Bayern, No thanks.

    • 1) You are not a Kop-ite as every TRUE Liverpool fan knows!

      2) No I don't agree with you and I am a REAL card carrying season ticket holder and have been for longer than you have been alive you silly child.

    • do you think that if Rafa leaves you will ever get back to become a force in the EPL? Rafa lead you to two champions league final, FA cup fianal. you may not be able to get big phil. i love LFC after arsenal and i wish you guys well.

    • I wish.......

    • To be honest paisley i will have to agree with you i doubt Rafa does have tha ability to win the prem.
      But I fear he will NOT go to Bayren and stay with us.
      Shame as we could go for Big Phil Scholari, now that is a guy who would win us the prem and we would do with with passion as well.

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      • Wellit'll be a sad day should Rafa go. Ok he's had a poor run this season so far as in not enough victories but lets face the facts here we've had a lot of injuries we're still unbeaten in the league thus far which is very good going. Yes Rafa plays it safe because he'd rather not lose than risk all to win.

        But look at whats happened when we've let previous managers go ie Houllier he left us went to Lyon and won the french league.. and when he did that we were in regret for letting Houllier go.. we can't have it both ways either we stick with our manager and understand that we're not gonna win every single game and to expect the odd slip up from time to time. But look at what Rafa has achieved for us!! FA Cup wins, 2 Champions League Finals and won one of them. The thing is football has become far more competitive and money controlled than ever before and it took SAF ages to become the dominant manager he became. Rafa has a 5 yr plan and lets see what happens after that plan if he's failed then no doubt he'll resign as he wants to be successful too..