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  • vlad vlad Nov 26, 2007 17:03 Flag

    Terry fit for chelsea...injured for england

    To question Terry's commitment is bordering stupidity pad.

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    • Vlad, Terry has proven his commitment in the past by playing for both club and country injured. But, it does raise the eyebrow when he's declared not match fit during the week, but suddenly is fit enough to turn out for club just 3 days latter. I'm not sure if its Terry puting club before country, Grant, or if Mclaren just did not push the issue. But considering the uproar between McLaren and Rafa not so long ago when he wanted Gerrard to play with a broken toe, it does raise some questions.

      Same thing goes for Rio. Not fit enough for England on a Wednesday, but good enough to play against Bolton on Saturday. At least Chelsea got something out of it, where as Rio could not stop Sulk get one past the Mancs.

    • Well I think you crossed the border into Stupid Town long ago vlad. I dint know rio played for man u aswell but the fact remains that this wasnt a meaningless friendly or a comfortable game for england, this was the most important match england had played since the world cup and englands first choice defenders sat on the bench knowing full well that they would miraculously be fit days later.
      As far as im concerned there is absolutely no point debating whether terry could have played because obviously he could and should have. The only slight reprieve he may have is that Mcclarren himself didnt want him to start but i really doubt that dont you.

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      • "Obviously he could and should have [played]".

        I think it's time you put up or shut up. What is your evidence he could have played? What is your evidence he chose not to? Why did he choose not to play?

        There is plenty of evidence that Terry plays through injury (too much in my opinion), there is plenty of evidence that he regards being England captain as the highest honour he could have, there is plenty of evidence he never runs from a fight.

        I cannot imagine Terry being fit to lead England in an important match and choosing not to.

        Put up or shut up.