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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 15, 2011 20:30 Flag

    Terry fit for chelsea...injured for england

    My intent was as I have said it was many times, both before it was announced Gerrard wouldn't play against Wigan and since. Once more, hopefully the last time: I was upset about *some* Liverpool fans being cynical about JT's injury which prevented him playing against Croatia, their justification being that if he played three days later he must have been fit enough to play for England. That doesn't follow, for reasons I have been through plenty of times.

    You say you are cynical about it (which you are) but not hypocritical about it. My point is that if you (and other Liverpool fans) give Gerrard the benefit of any doubt then you should be giving JT the benefit of any doubt too. In defending Gerrard but attacking JT I believe you (Liverpool fans wot do it) are indeed being hypocritical.

    At the time I raised it, it looked like Gerrard would play. I wanted to see if Liverpool fans were going to give him the benefit of the doubt or renounce accusations against JT.

    That is the top and bottom of it.

    Two reasons why your theory that I simply wanted a go at Gerrard doesn't stack up (other than my repeated answer that it's simply not true): (i) I'm way too careful to base a contentious thread on a prediction that might collapse in two days, (ii) if I wanted to do that I would simply have started a new thread. Why would I need to drag up this one?

    And yes, you are right: the Vidic example might very well justify questions being asked, if my aim was questioning why players weren't playing last week. But it wasn't: if was questioning the prejudices of some Liverpool fans from some time back.

    Is it time to stop now?


    "Let's fight until 6, and then have dinner" Tweedledee