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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 11, 2011 17:26 Flag

    Terry fit for chelsea...injured for england

    D'oh! Wakey, wakey - the reason I brought this up is not about Terry, it's about Gerrard!

    I wanted to know what Liverpool fans who were quick to make snotty remarks about John Terry missing an England match made of Steven Gerrard playing 90 minutes against Chelsea, not being fit for England but strongly rumoured to be fit for Liverpool against Wigan.

    Perhaps your commentary should be:

    Unless you choose to retire from international football? As Carragher did.. Then maybe Gerrard should do the same.. maybe he should retire from his England duties? We've players younger and hungry to play for England. So maybe Gerrard should step down give someone else a chance?..



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    • Well, I wasn't one of the fans quick to make 'snotty' remarks about JT but it seems that, given the number of attacks on SG in the above thread (both now and 4 years ago), you are being hypocritical Robert.

      Quick to jump on anyone accusing JT of mistreating England and yet more than happy to accuse SG of doing the same?!

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      • I haven't accused him of anything this week. Just noted that he played Sunday, missed Wednesday and is rumoured to be likely fit for Wigan. When that happens elsewhere (actually less than that happened with Terry) Liverpool fans jumped to conclusions. Do they now with Gerrard? Doesn't seem so.

        But yes, Gerrard has certainly put club before country in the past when choosing when to be rested or have surgery for injuries he is carrying. That is pretty undisputable. Whether or not it is acceptable is another matter I don't have much opinion on.