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    Terry fit for chelsea...injured for england

    What do people think about the fact that john terry is expected to be named in the starting lineup for chelsea today, and yet just days ago the captain of england was apparantly too injured to play for his country!
    Do club managers have too much power in determining whether their player plays for his country?
    Due to diff reasons the fact remains that against croatia england lined up with lescott and capbell at the back, when Terry and Carragher were fit.

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    • I do not believe that John Terry would willingly not play for England, given the chance. And I suspect nobody else around here does either. I remember Emlyn Hughes in the 1970s said he would crawl all the way to Wembley to play for England (or some such thing) and Terry is the same. The idea that Terry would rather play against Derby than a crucial England match is laughable.

      If you want to find a player who is fit enough to play for his club but not for his country, try Steven Gerrard earlier in the season.


    • To question Terry's commitment is bordering stupidity pad.

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      • Vlad, Terry has proven his commitment in the past by playing for both club and country injured. But, it does raise the eyebrow when he's declared not match fit during the week, but suddenly is fit enough to turn out for club just 3 days latter. I'm not sure if its Terry puting club before country, Grant, or if Mclaren just did not push the issue. But considering the uproar between McLaren and Rafa not so long ago when he wanted Gerrard to play with a broken toe, it does raise some questions.

        Same thing goes for Rio. Not fit enough for England on a Wednesday, but good enough to play against Bolton on Saturday. At least Chelsea got something out of it, where as Rio could not stop Sulk get one past the Mancs.

      • Well I think you crossed the border into Stupid Town long ago vlad. I dint know rio played for man u aswell but the fact remains that this wasnt a meaningless friendly or a comfortable game for england, this was the most important match england had played since the world cup and englands first choice defenders sat on the bench knowing full well that they would miraculously be fit days later.
        As far as im concerned there is absolutely no point debating whether terry could have played because obviously he could and should have. The only slight reprieve he may have is that Mcclarren himself didnt want him to start but i really doubt that dont you.

    • I see Gerrard is expected to be fit for you at the weekend.

      Any thoughts?


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      • He's not been named for the line up against Wigan yet, so I'd not rush to judgment saying it was a phantom injury. The way I understood it he did actually go to the England camp to be assessed by the medical staff, and was released. Now whether it was a severe injury that suddenly got better, or was a precautionary measure to ensure an existing condition did not become aggravated, and or if LFC put pressure on the England camp we may never know.

        But it is worth noting that the last time Gerrard was on England duty he got hobbled after they forced him to play the full 90, when they'd promised the club they'd pull him early. So maybe we did take a firmer line this time round, but can’t really blame the club for that considering.

        btw, maybe you should also post this on the manc board. As I understand it Vidic was not injured and they actually called up the Serb team and told them he's not coming, and did not even try to pretend their was an injury of any kind. I'm not sure but I think that might be breaking or at least bending a few UEFA rules for releasing players for national duty, but we all know that rules don't always apply evenly!

    • Surely if you're fit you're fit? If you're fit enough to play for your club then you're fit for your country too?

      Unless you choose to retire from international football? As Carragher did.. Then maybe Terry should do the same.. maybe he should retire from his England duties? We've players younger and hungry to play for England. So maybe Terry should step down give someone else a chance?..

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      • D'oh! Wakey, wakey - the reason I brought this up is not about Terry, it's about Gerrard!

        I wanted to know what Liverpool fans who were quick to make snotty remarks about John Terry missing an England match made of Steven Gerrard playing 90 minutes against Chelsea, not being fit for England but strongly rumoured to be fit for Liverpool against Wigan.

        Perhaps your commentary should be:

        Unless you choose to retire from international football? As Carragher did.. Then maybe Gerrard should do the same.. maybe he should retire from his England duties? We've players younger and hungry to play for England. So maybe Gerrard should step down give someone else a chance?..



    • Well I think John Terry knows who he's being paid by.

    • I think Rio was in the Man U line up yesterday also.

    • So therefore you admit that if Gerrard had played on Saturday you would have been accusing him of the same thing some Liverpool fans accussed Terry of?

    • Hi Robert

      "If you think I'm being hypocritical do you not think it is hypocritical for Liverpool fans to pile in on Terry and be silent on Gerrard?"

      Yes on both counts.

      But what do you think? Are you happy to leave the decision in these matters to discussions between the various parties and accept that shows no lack of respect for the National team? Or do you think it applies to SG and not to JT?

    • Actually I haven't said that Chelsea put club before country. I said they put player's fitness before country. Chelsea were not concerned about him playing a particular match for Chelsea, they were concerned he was not rushed back from injury too soon. That is the only time I recall them trying to keep a player back from national duty. It is of a quite different nature to the two well-known examples of Gerrard missing England duty.

      You are constantly wanting to make out that (i) no club is squeaky clean and so (ii) all are to be equally condemned. That is the only point you seem to be making in your repeated suggestion I am being hypocritical. Guilt/innoncence is never as simple as that.

      Really you should be agreeing with me. This thread was started by Liverpool fans complaining about a Chelsea player. I'm pointing to a Liverpool player apparently doing what they were complaining a Chelsea player doing. You think that makes me the hypocrite? I suspect if you were a Chelsea fan, or a fan of another club, you would agree with me.

      People have said I'm welcome? You sound as if you think I need permission to post here. I don't need any more permission than you. But quite why you think this isn't a football issue is rather beyond me.


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