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    The Yanks shouldn't sack Rafa!

    Although I do think that Rafa was wrong to come out in public the way he did - at the end of the day he is correct, December 16th is not the time to be putting final transfer plans in place for January - we do need to have it all more or less boxed off by now.

    I can only presume that they haven't been responding to his messages, and another thing - what the hell does Rick Parry do now? Although I consider Parry to be a useless incompetent, he is even more superfluous than usual at the moment - isn't he the liaison between the owners and Rafa?

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    • Conveniently portuguese again I see

    • ??????????? youve lost me now

    • A former european player?

      Has this person just become African or something whoever he is? Torres is brilliant and will be the best signing in years. If you dont agree then drop the fake ID and go back to supporting manure

      Fabragas was a kid, Lucas has been bought as a kid and is potentially a better player

    • rafa is not a stupid man

      come on guys, he is not the type of guy that goes on uncontroled public outbursts. many seem to suffer from short term memory

      when he goes in public and make controversial statements he must have some cards under the table that the owners can't see. neither do we, that's obvious.

      do not understimate the boss, he ain't no dummy.

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      • I hope your right, as if you like Rafa or not, changing manager mid season is the worst reciepe for a title challenge this season. Another post suggested that this is all being played up by the press, and while there maybe some disagreemnt between manager and owners its not the fall out the press make it out to be. This makes a lot of sense to me, especially knowing how the English press works. But my fear is that the press are now piling on, making a mountain out of a mole hill, and leaving little room for for either Rafa or owners to construct a settlement to the issues. At the end of the day, owners/chairmen hold the ultimate card, and managers rarely survive when they cross them.

    • I hope your right on your Parry prediction. It should not surprise anyone that managers and owners may not always agree on money issues (bit like me and the wife, I earn it, she spends it!), and this is made worse by the need to educate the american's about the transfer market which has now equivilent in American sports. But this should have all been done in private, so the press could not have made a mountain out of a mole hill. Its Parry's job to be the go between, so any breakdown in communication has to be down to him. I just hope that now this is in the open, and the press have turned up the volume, its not got to the point where ego's on both side will not be able to smooth things out.

    • The game he had yesterday was weird!

      Some good touches..
      Some good passes..
      Some good tackles..

      Then he spoils it all by fvcking up basic 10 yard passes, almost going in two footed in one challenge and leaving a great gaping hole behind him when he decided to go for goal and lost the ball.

      You can see sometimes that theres a great player trying to come out of Sissoko but he always seems to Fvck it up.

      I'm almost getting fed up with saying "lets give him a little more time" coz i've given him plenty already.

    • It would make more sense if he was loki but he more of a "yes man" (from what I understand from talking to the supporters) and that would piss Rafa off even more. But do you really think Rafa needs anymore new players. I think he has what it takes to make a run now.

    • Sissoko ain't he's a bag of wank!

    • I agree, it would be a major mistake to fire Rafa, at least at this point of the season. If he fails in delivering a real challenge by the end of the season, then fine, but now we are challenging.

      My worry is the lack of understanding of Football from our owners. I think they are trying to do the right thing by the club and its fans, but maybe confuused on roles. They seem to be treating Rafa as a coach, and Parry as a General Manager. In Americna sports like Hockey or Baseball, where these two come from, its the general manager who builds the squad with trades or transfers, while the coach just manages the squad he's been given in training and on the field.

      If the Americans are treating Rafa as only a coach, and Parry is not backing him, then I can understand the frustration. It would have been better to address this all behind closed doors, but if the communications is not there, then not much choice, and it looks more a failing on Parry's part, rather than either manager or owner.

    • herpes im glad you took my advice and started your own thread............it deflects your attention away from my kids for a change.............

      ..YES they should sack him, all hes done is moan, moan moan...............bit like ya missus....

      Hes done crap in the transfer market bougt/sold, cant string jackdiddly together , dosent have the respect of the players and continually moans about cash.............show some backbone and realise where your bread is buttered, these are the guys to get you out of the cheap seats


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