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  • RonJ RonJ Nov 26, 2007 18:40 Flag

    Rick Parry is a useless imbecile

    I agree with you 100% about Parry. I cant see the point in the Club paying such a usless berk his "fat cat" wages. He just doesnt seem to get involved at all in ensuring the smooth running of the Club except to say yes to whatever and whoever. Surly he should have been mediating between Rafa and the Yanks explaining the way the transfer market operates in Europe and explaining too that the Yanks will want to see a return for their investment in the team. Parry's predecessor Peter Robinson was fantastic by comparison.
    Sack Parry soon!

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    • I'll second that as well. No doubt Rick is probably a good businessman, but sometimes it seems he is more worried about upsetting the chairmen than doing the right thing -in this case backing Rafa, because we all (even the numskulls) know he is right. We need to renew the contracts before it is too late.

      His negotiation techniques are worse than rafalutions backtrack on the Rafa rant!