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    Ask the PROVEN EXPERT...


    Greetings my fellow kop-ites. After returning from a glorious winter break at my Lake Geneva getaway I have noticed that some new faces are appearing on the board of late and I feel it’s only right that I introduce myself to YOU… After all, I am the PROVEN leader and elite poster on this board of inferior footballing minds.

    And for the newbies, here are just some of the reasons why…

    RAFA – Since day one I refused to be FOOLED by this second choice, second rate manager who was only hired because MOURINHO turned us down. His POOR results in the Prem over FOUR YEARS have been stupidly overlooked because of TWO FLUKE trophies won on the lottery of penalties. But his time is almost over now because he is pi**ing off his employers and FAILING to deliver the goods despite millions being spent… JUST AS I PREDICTED

    OWNERS - I broke the news that owners HICKS and GILLETT were demanding Rafa shut up and win games and TROPHIES with the squad he has or end up getting his ass kicked like Hick’s Dallas Stars hockey team hierarchy… they have since read this arrogant fraud of a manager the riot act and HE doesn’t like it. Tough s**t fat boy… “love it or leave it” NO MORE EXCUSES FOR FAILURE!

    CARSON - I was the first to tout our own SCOTT CARSON as a future England number one… that came true WAY ahead of schedule (although in hindsight too soon). And while our own so-called FANS mocked and ridiculed Scotty for his poor debut I continue to stand by LIVERPOOL players and support this fine young ENGLISH keeper who will go on to be a great servant for both country and club… hopefully OUR CLUB, once Rafa gets SACKED!

    ARSENAL - I was the ONLY LFC supporter who backed Arsenal to be better than us following Henry’s departure… they currently lead the league and make us look like the second rate team we are and have been for the last 18 years

    PETER CROUCH – The fickle fools here were DEMANDING that Crouch be sold and that he was c**p. I personally backed Peter and he has since been on FIRE for CLUB and COUNTRY ever since.

    SISSOKO – while the morons here were calling this pub team DONKEY “the next VIERA” I was calling for him to be sold asap. A year later the muppets here are slagging him while he rots in obscurity and looks worse and worse every time he does get a game.

    PLAYERS - I called for inconsistent wannabes Bellamy/Garcia/Gonzalez to GO and they all did months later, proving I am AHEAD of our own manager. The usual blind muppets here wanted them to stay!

    Add to this my astute posts on how the new stadium would cost a fortune and therefore fleece the fans, how RAFA cost us the Champions League final with poor tactics, subs and team selection HIS OWN TEAM and how DIRK KUYT has been another washout and I’m sure all TRUE LFC supporters can now understand WHY I receive more threads, responses and accolades such as “cult hero” and “visionary” than anyone else on any group. 

    With this in mind, I have now decided to answer SELECT questions, especially from newbies, about LIVERPOOL FC - ONLY… so go ahead, ask me and I shall enlighten you with my infinite footballing wisdom… ask and i will DISCUSS

    ** I WILL NOT be answering personal questions, or ANYTHING from the following MUPPETS…

    lokiherpes – pathetic waste of space not worthy of my precious time and superior footballing mind.

    ba5tard/drunken bum/sailor/dogsofwar etc – completely braindead childish multiple id TROLL who I encourage ALL to put on ignore.

    This topic is deleted.
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