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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 1, 2007 00:38 Flag

    My View of Liverpool football club.

    Interesting thougths, so let me put mine up next to yours.

    First think your pessimistic in your forecast. I expect we'll be a close second or third this season, but don't think its impossible to win this year. Really depends more on what other teams are doing, as I think we have the squad and manager to equal our rivals right now. But next year, with just a couple additions, and a more settled squad, I'm sure we can surpass them.

    Second, I agree the Americans are the right owners, but for different reasons. For Liverpool to succeed going forward we need two things from an owner. First a cash injection to get the stadium off the ground, and to build a quality squad that can compete right now. The Stadium looks like a done deal, and the squad is either in place, or very close. the next thing we need is a business plan that can sustain us at the top. That takes top quality business skills and the ability to make Liverpool truely a world club. We need to compete on the pitch, but also in the global marketing arena alongside Man U, Real Madrid, Inter, AC Millan, Barca, etc. Parry is not the right man to lead this, but think the American's can bring in the right folks to get this done. A deal with Sentanta is just the beginning of this.

    Third, think I already answered this. Parry is a transistion man only. The new owners are using him to keep continuity, but once they are comfortable I'd think they'll pay him a good severance pay and let him walk away. They'll bring in their own trusted legal and financial team, along with a powerhouse marketing dept to take LFC into the 21st century.

    Fourth, I'm of two minds on this. I think we've got what we need, but goin forward you always need to strengthen. Voronin I believe is a transition man. good now, but not meant for the long term. Think a lot depends on how Babel does, and if he's molded into winger, or seen as the Henry type to partner Torres long term. Same for Kuyt, although I think he'll stay at least a few more years. I still think he can come good on goals, and even if he remains a 10-12 goal a year striker, think we can always use a workman type striker of his type who chips in, and contributes beyond his goal tally. As for Crouch, I'm sentimental, but think we'd be crazy to be dropped. Hope he spends a good many years with us.

    Fifth, Agree on defender, as this is an immediate need, and maybe a Jan move. As for the wingers, I go a different way. I don't believe we need a big name to come in. First off, its a lot to spend, and second, these can often be hot and cold, and that is not what we need. Quaresma was great when we played at Porto, but useless at Anfield. We need consistent wingers, to provide service to a top notch strike force, rather than wingers who can substitute for the strike force, but only every 3 games or so. Personally I'd prefer we invest in youth in that position. Jury is still out on Leto, but reports he might come good, and I'd like to see us invest in players that will make up the next generation, especially on the left. Kewell looks like he's bringing the goods this year, but realistically at his age, he's not a long term player. Even if he earns a new contract, 2-3 years at best before he needs to be replaced.

    Good post, and welcome to the fray.